Tuesday, September 28, 2010


new braided kit from Kitschy Digitals!!!
so sweet.
it makes me want to eat some cotton candy!
you can buy it HERE (^0^)


♥ Liefgeval ♥ said...

The kit is so cute!
Love indiana's tee! Does it
say Return of the Jedi?

Tasha said...

Mmm cotton candy!!!! I bought some from Weg's the other day. It was in a plastic container. SO un-fair like, I know...it wasn't too bad though! haha

♥ Liefgeval ♥ said...

Yeah my boyfriend made me like star wars :)! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :D

Danielle said...

oh my GOLLY lady!! I LOVE THIS PAGE!!! i totally bogarted it from your site. :D And your blog header!! swoon-worthy. Love looooove it. (!!!!)

The Hatch Batch said...

Way cute pics of your daring girls!! I love the school outfit and your little ones photo shoot! Hey, I took my blog private and would love to send an invitation your way if you leave me your email address at crystalhatch@hotmail.com