Thursday, April 23, 2009

Coming Soon :)

i am *so* happy to announce that i will be the Guest Designer for Kitschy Digitals at the beginning of May. . . hence the "coming soon" title :)
i have finished all of my projects but Danielle is holding off highlighting them due to recent Guest Designers being posted just this last week. . . click here to see the gorgeous work they did. . .
so inspiring and full of spring!

Danielle was kind enough to post a page i did using her KD kits on her flickr stream!
check it out!

also check out all of Danielle's pics on her photostream. . . they are to die for beautiful and so *full* of color! i love it when people don't shy away from color. . .
long live color and death to beige!
here are some samples of her pure delightful pics:

anywho. . . have a great day. . . Buffalo is so nice today that i can't stay inside!
p.s. all of my pics are so fuzzy when i view them on blogger! arghhh! it makes me so mad. . . let me know if they look blurry to you too? i hate it :(


Carl and Tasha said...

Cute cute cute!!!! None of the pictures are fuzzy when I view them.

Annalee said...

Thats exciting. I can't wait to see it. The pictures arn't blurry for me either.

Terese said...

I can't wait to see you over at KD!! No fuzziness from where I am:). I love all your fonts. Have you purchased them from somewhere?

Jeff and Erin said...

You are so talented and the pictures look crystal clear to me! So I hear Sara is moving to DC?!? What she doing there? And I don't know if you heard but Jordan Slaters dad was killed in a car accident last Friday...keep them in your prayers. Love ya and miss ya

denise plant said...

Congratulations Karli! You are amazing! Hey, I found this site that reminded me of you (you may already know it):
We missed you guys last night!