Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pet Shop Love

Indiana is a girl in love. . . in love with Pet Shops that is!

she got her first one from my mom for her second birthday and the collection has grown exponentially since!
i have to admit that i am now into the Pet Shop craze and love to find new ones to add to indiana's collection :) i am on the watch out for some of the new ones coming out including a catapillar, a lion, a beaver and a FLAMINGO! (if you have been in my house it will make complete sense why i want the flamingo one :)

she loves to dump all of her pet shops into a pile and then have them go for rides in a van (as seen above). . . can you see the green one in the back of the pic? it has a type of bunjee cord on the top that she "straps" the pet shops into to go for rides. . . it is so cute :) indiana tells me the van is "from the eighties". . . he he he. . . she is her mother's daughter. . . you can tell i have said that before! ;)

Pet Shops are *wonderful* potty incentives and we actually got rid of her binkies by buying a Pet Shop clubhouse in exchange for her binks. . . let's just say that sometimes she likes the clubhouse and sometimes she remembers that she would rather have her binkies! which i thought by now she would have forgotten her "sucking" habit. . . but no! she is an elephant and "never forgets"! :)

anywho. . . thanks to nana for keeping the pet shops coming :)
otherwise we wouldn't be able to afford indy's new habit!

the loot ;)

p.s. a cute story. . . indiana the other day was trying to get Kendy to go into their room with her but Kendy showed no interest. . . so Indiana kept saying "come here Kendy". . . "come on baby Kendy". . . i finally went to go and see what the big deal about Kennedy following Indiana was and Indy told me:
"we are going to go and get married in the temple."
first of all. . . how cute!
second. . . how to explain that we go to the temple when we are older and more importantly with BOYS!?!
i explained to Indiana that she would have to wait until she was much, much, much, MUCH older to go inside the temple and get married and that she would go with a nice young man. . .
her reply was:
"but i love her!"

so sweet. . . i guess all you need is love ;)


Jeff and Erin said...

Oh my word Indy is so cute, I love that story. The innocence of children...

Ryan and Megan said...

So this is kind of embarrassing, but when I was probably about 5, I announced that I was going to marry my best friend. (a girl). Not so cute when you're five years old! :)

R said...

Did you ever find the flamingo? I want one as well, but I don't think I can get one in Canada... Boo! I am assuming you like flamingos. Then you would LOVE my house!