Monday, April 27, 2009

the Blythes

this pic was taken by no other than Danielle Thompson. . . she posted some pics of her Blythe dolls on flickr wearing the shirt that i made for her! part of the Kitschy Digital Guest Designer thing i am doing :)
i was so ecstatic to see my final product actually on the doll. i don't own a Blythe doll and i don't know if many of you out their know anything about Blythes. . . but they are a huge deal to a *lot* of people in the doll world!
i see the appeal but i certainly can't afford one right now (they can become very expensive toys)!
they have that ugly/cute attraction and have become quite the phenomena for a lot of grown adults out there. a kick back to the days of childhood i suppose. . .

anywho. . . Danielle is into them so i made her a shirt (the orange one) for her Blythe doll using her own Kitschy Digital design. . . the *oh* so cute mushroom. what do you think? it was my first time making doll clothes and i think it turned out pretty darn well :) says the humble girl :)

p.s. Danielle made the headbands. . . aren't they cute? i could see those on my baby girls!