Friday, April 3, 2009


this is my version of "twilight"

granted i have never read the books and the only perspective that i have on twilight is "A": watching the movie and "B": reading about it online. . .
i will have to say that i am not impressed at all by twilight :(

the movie was one of the most uncomfortable movies that i have seen in a while . . . it could have been great and i understand that they were going for something more "arty" but it was SO lost in translation!
i literally was uncomfortable in my chair with all of the up close shots of their eyes and the obsessive staring that occurred through the *entire* movie! the script was horrible and the acting sub par. . .
the scenery was beautiful and the best part of the show.
i don't know if the author wrote the books the same way. . . but the movie was definitely not a favorite in my book! but, hey, i love star wars and goonies. . . so my opinion is not too important for most people out there! ;)

sidenote: i have the twilight soundtrack now (so i am not all hatred toward twilight). . . which by the way. . . i recommend this soundtrack to everyone. . . very rockin' awesome! in particular check out the British band "the Black Ghosts". . . very fun to listen too! :)

i am sorry that i am being so harsh. . . because i know that a lot of you out there LOVE twilight. . . maybe i will have to read to books to give it a more fair chance but for now i am not so into the "twilight scene"

the picture above i couldn't resist taking. . . indiana *loves* to eat apples and my chance for a twilight parody was too much to handle
(which by the way. . . i so do not get the "apple" thing with twilight- guess you have to read the books to understand?)


Ryan and Megan said...

I can't imagine the books would be any better than the movie. I couldn't even get through the first one, I don't understand this craze!!

Ryan and Megan said...

But really cool picture of Indi!

R said...

The apple has nothing to do with anything... I don't really like the movies, Kristen Stewart is a TERRIBLE actress. The books are amazing though, I love them.