Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I love. . .

. . . these Plants!
with all the craziness going on right now at this moment. . .
with the move. . . Pace starting school. . . both the houses in ruins!. . . painting. . . and just plain normal day to day. . . i am even more thankful for such a loving family. . . here's to next week coming sooner!
aren't they all SUPER CUTE?
classic family shot :)

oh, and. . . i have learned something during this two week moving process. . .
i own a LOT of junk!

it has really piled up now. . . since most of it is packed. . . about 80-100 totes worth!
did you read that correctly? 80-100 totes full of "treasures" that i just COULD NOT leave at a thrift store!
and, really, that is where 95% of it is from. . . thrifting!gah!
Pace is such a good sport about all of it. . . though he does forbid me to shop anymore until we move on Saturday (don't blame him. . . as i come out of a thrift store with arms abounding with sacks on Monday night! :) just couldn't help myself!)
do i have a disease?
or do others love the feeling that a good thrifting can give you?
oh, it's marvelous! :) just marvelous!
p.s. yes. . . i did find MANY more wonderful treasures lately. . . ironically, since now i have to move them! HA!. . . and i will take photos soon to share :)


Tasha said...

Let me know if you need any help! I know Carl is planning to help out on Sat (that's when you are moving heavier stuff, right?)

Rachel said...

You better call me to babysit your girls, OR ELSE...

Danielle said...

OMG! your girls and guy are so cute together! you have THE cutest family. :-) good luck with everything! wish i could help out! :-)

danielle thompson