Sunday, August 9, 2009

Indiana loves TMNT

new digi page of my Indiana
she loves new things all the time and her "kick" right now is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. . .
this is her "new" cup from Goodwill. . . she likes to drink lemonade in it. . . with a straw of course!

Danielle came out with a new kit call "Washi Tape Frames" (can you see i used it in this digi page?. . . it's purple!)
check them out. . .
they are SO versatile!
she is also working on some new wood grain frames that i can't WAIT to come out!
will be oodles of fun to use :)

this is her son Cam. . . isn't he cute?

packing is coming along. . . haven't lost my mind. . . YET!
can't wait to get out of the place we are in now. . . we call it the "mold trap on Winfear". . . HA!
anyone who lives around us will understand the "Winfear" comment. . . oh boy oh boy. . . will they ever! :)

moving soon but, painting first. . . yay!
i love to pick wall colors. . . granted i have never done it for myself before. . . this will be the first time i get to do it for our "own" home. . . lots of ideas swirling in my head. . . could go lots of ways. . . any suggestions or colors you have loved on your walls?
what is your favorite above?
maybe lighter?
or go bold?
who knows
can't decide


Stina Glaas said...

Oh, choose colors and paint the walls is so FUN! When we moved in here all the walls were white, but now we have added a lot of colorful walls: purple, raspberry red, CRAZY green, red mosaic in the kitchen, black mosaic with copper glitter in one bathroom, pink mosaic with gold glitter in the other bathroom. We need to paint one or two walls in our daughters room, but her favorite color changes every other day. Maybe striped walls? ;-)

Annalee said...

so does that mean you guys purchased a home.? congrats! that is awsome! i love light blues, they are so calming... and that is what I need more of. calmness.

Jeff and Erin said...

your moving! Congrats! I hope that the move goes well and I can't wait to see what colors you pick to pant, for sure post pics of the new casa! How are the kiddos and pace? Tell them hi for us!
(I'm listening to Ryan Shupe right now and always think of good time with you :o) love ya!)