Friday, August 21, 2009

HELP! :)

Help! we need some people's help! anybody's help. . . HELP!

you read it right. . . that very dramatic intro. . . we need some help!

we are officially moving TOMORROW MORNING and need help.
i am not the type to ask for help and rely on others. . . but this time. . . we have no choice!

Pace and I would BE SO APPRECIATIVE if whomever doesn't have something going on tomorrow could help us move.
with the girls and the mountains of stuff to move. . . we just can't do it on our own. i promise you will be blessed for your efforts. . . well. . . you might not get translated or anything. . . but, does the enticement of food and drinks help? :)

if you can come (which would make us jump for joy!) please arrive at our old rental at 10:00 a.m. (if you don't know our address. . . please contact either me or Pace and we will gladly give it to you. . . heard horror stories of posting your address online!) . . . we can pick up the U-Haul at 9:00 and so we are giving ourselves time to get things set up so that no one just comes and we are chaotic :)

thanks a lot if you can come. . . we REALLY would be SO SO SO thankful! :)
and we really do need the help :). . . tell your friends. . . the more the merrier!
thank you :)


Tasha said...

Carl will be there for sure!!

Terese said...

I wish we could be there. Josh is a one man moving crew! Too bad Boston isn't right next door to Buffalo. I hope you can get a good bunch to help.

Rachel said...

I will be there!

Alison said...

Dang! Wish I could have helped you out! I am too far away... in Anaheim... getting ready to go to you know where... in 7.5 hours. I can't sleep. I'm too excited! Anywho, I hope the move went well! I am not looking forward to the day we move from our house. Kids alone double your load...

Unknown said...

Be right over.