Friday, August 7, 2009

Up Late. . .

. . . it seems my WHOLE summer has been spent staying up late.
and i don't mean late. . . i mean LATE. . . like 4 in the morning!
i'm having a hard time sleeping. . . not to mention that now we are moving. . . i have SO much to do!
does anyone else do this? your brain can't stop. you just keep thinking about all you need to do and what you can be doing. . .
i have had this problem all my life. i am a night owl. i can get a lot done. . . but then i drag buns in the morning!
oh yes! buns drag! :) and then i don't want to do anything. . . hate that!

let's hope life settles a bit and then i can get some more sleep! :)
HA! with kids. . . not very likely!


Terese said...

You guys are moving? Good luck with everything. I had that couldn't sleep problem last night. If I get up and get on the computer sometimes that makes it even worse! Something about the computer just wakes me up.