Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kendy's Big First Birthday. . . party!

Kendy has been ONE for one week. . . my big girl!
we had such a great party here this past Sat. and i wanted to write and thank everyone that came! :)
it made the party to have such good company

Kendy of course was a bit oblivious to the whole thing but i did a theme based on "sweet and sour" using Kitschy Digitals. . . (of course!) :) "sweet" was the cupcakes and "sour" was the lemons.
it was fun to do some party related crafts and i went a bit overboard!
poor Pace. . . what a trooper!
he helped me every step of the way and we really did have a great time as a family getting ready for the party.

we had pink cupcakes, lemonade, TONS of candy, lots of pink and yellow decorations, a lemon shaped cake that was, well, LEMON!, we played "pin the candle on the cupcake" and hit a "first birthday" pinata.

it really was fun and our yard here has never looked better!
i seriously mean that. . . i don't think anyone has done any yard work here for years! i guess that is how it goes with rentals. . . but i feel you don't have to be less complacent with where you live just because you don't own it. . . you should probably take care of what you have better since it isn't yours! but that comes from my up-bringing in all things 50's :)
now we can have BBQ's here this summer and we can't wait!

well, the party was a success and Kendy is now a true one year old.

p.s. she started walking like a pro just this past week! all over the house. . . and everywhere we go. . . she is even starting to try the "running" thing! oh boy!
us Plants are in more trouble than we thought with a second child :)


Terese said...

what a cute party! I love all the great details. the theme is such a cute idea. that makes me want to throw a cool party for charlie. might be too much effort to get josh on board!

Stina said...

The lemon cake - WOW!! :-) You are the best! I want to be you! :-)

Annalee said...

what a fun party. It is so pretty and colorful. Great job.

ittybittybirdy said...

this little party was so inspirational. Loved every little detail. I also can't stand how adorable your new header is!!!! Great work!

Stina said...

Yes, I know the pillows are amazing. But I have not made them. Janel at Run With Scissors are having a give-a-way and I borrowed the pictures from her blog. :-) BUT IF I should have made pillows, they would probably have looked like hers. I love the fablic, but it is so expensive to buy from your country far far away. :-(

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