Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

i just love computing.
but when they *crash*. . . it becomes a bit of a hassle!
i have been experiencing technical difficulties with my desktop for about a week now.
but. . . it is back from the "doctor" and i can start up my geeky computing once again!

having no computer really is the pits!
let's hope getting this new hard drive will make everything better :)

(and thank heavens everything was backed up! or we would have lost it all. . .
the pictures. . . the scrap pages. . . the downloads!
eek! makes me sweat just thinking about it. . .
especially losing the pics! talk about break your heart!
its all thanks to my hubby Pace. . . what a guy!)


christina said...

We just got Mozy to backup all our stuff and it's such a relief!!

I would just die if I lost all our pictures and videos!