Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween!

we had a great Halloween. . . a bit frigid. . . but FUN.
we carved pumpkins. . . watched Hocus Pocus. . . ate chili and donuts (more than i should have!). . . and went trick-or-treating.

the girls just LOVE this holiday and i do too.
reminds me of being a kid.
plus. . . their is NOTHING like a Halloween out in the East.
so full of color and fall spirit.
the tall trees. . . the colonial homes. . . the farms. . .
it's like being in Sleepy Hollow.
it got very cold JUST in time for Halloween weekend and so the "trick-or-treating" part of our Halloween was cut shorter than usual.
we were freezing our niblets off!
Indiana was the first to complain. . . and that is SO not like her!
but. . . the girls got their candy (and even some FULL size ones! talk about making a kids Halloween!) and it was a frightfully good All Hallow's Eve.

here's a lowdown of Halloween pics:

Carving Pumpkins:

Indiana's very own pumpkin. . .
she drew the design and then had some adult supervision for carving. . . i.e. ME :)

Pace carved this bad boy. . .
notice something a bit off?
well. . . we bought our pumpkins at the beginning of the month and the squirrels took advantage of that! notice the chew marks? not to mention the HUGE chunk they ate of the side of our poor pumpkin (it began to rot!) . . . what to do!?!
we didn't want to waste this bad boy and NOT carve it . . . so, we noticed that the "chunk" looked kind of like an eye. . . so, Pace carved a mirror eye on the other side and it became Jack Skellington! how crazy. that squirrel was ONE good artist, no?

the finished products. . . spooky!

Church Halloween Party:

we had a church party for Halloween and the girls dressed up in different costumes than those they wore on Halloween. . . two costumes in one year. . . lucky girls!
Indiana was a gnome.
Kennedy was a Native American.

Halloween Costumes 2010:

Indiana went as a bat.
she's been talking about this costume for months!
my madre was sweet enough to send me the bat costume that i used to wear as a little girl! neat-o, right?
it was pretty awesome to see the costume that i wore and LOVED on my little one.
brought back many wonderful memories!
and she looked pretty DARN cute in it!
we went to the cemetery to take some Halloween pics and when we were exploring the different tombstones we noticed one that said: "BATT"!
i was stoked! we had to take some pics next to it (^0^)
what are the odds!?!

Kendy went as an Ewok.
it's the same costume that Indy wore at the same age. . .
but, she fit the costume perfectly!

(WAY more than Indiana did!)
Kendy literally is our Ewok.
she talks like one. . . acts like one. . . dances like one. . . it's just too much!
but, it's what makes her adorable!
we also didn't get any pics of Kendy at the cemetery :(
she was SO ornery (kicking, screaming, tantrum!) and fell asleep on the way. . .
H-E-double hockey sticks would have to freeze over for me to wake her!
so, her pics aren't as "cool". . . but i guess their is still time to go and do some "re-shoots" (^-^) but, we will see!
notice she didn't cooperate for these pics either. . .
when will these "terrible two's" be over!?!

Happy Halloween folks!
how was yours?


julie said...

Oh lala ! It's just fabulous ! The girls look just ABSOLUTLY great in their fabulous costumes !
The little ewok looks like it was made for her ! and the bat from the past! Hu! Scary !And the church costumes ! oh mon dieu ! c'est merveilleux ! could not find words in english to say how much i love those sweeties ! Congrats moma ! I wished we would seriously make Halloween in France but it seems it turned out to be ridiculous cheap witch costumes with kids asking just for candies. They forgot about the tricks !

Candi & Ezra said...

Adorable!! Great Pictures too!

Fritzi Marie said...

oh, my goodness...you guys are the cutest. This made my whole week.

love love love,

p.s. Thank you for the lovely treasures. I adore you!

christina said...

That gnome costume is CRAZY CUTE!!

Windsor Grace said...

So cute! Those costumes are awesome and it sounds like you had a great night!

katrina said...

cute cute cute. your kids have the best costumes EVER!! i want to be a bat next year. :)

Rachel said...

I am in love with your children. Send them over to snuggle me anytime.

Kawine said...

omg!! your girls are adorable!!!
and a Ewok? how cool is that!!
you rock!!! (and also loooove the bat the gnome & the native american... i love costumes, we should celebrate haloween every month no? ha!)