Wednesday, November 10, 2010

good gravy. . . it's November.

first off. . .
for all your sweet comments and thoughts about Megan and her lovely family.
it sure is heartbreaking and still hard for me to understand and cope with. . .
but, i am sure the Smith Family can feel all your love and prayers!
they really need it. so keep it coming!

doesn't this November seem to be FLYING by?
although. . .
that is good since i *can't* wait for turkey day.
yum yum.
nothing like indulging on plate after plate of mashed tators, turkey and gravy.
yum yum.

i also LOVE November since it is always good to remember how thankful i am for my family, friends and wonderful life.
we really do have *SO* much and i am grateful for that. (^0^)

i am also grateful for gravy.
delicious, thick gravy.
yum yum.


Kawine said...

ha ha! i love gravy too!
i wish thanksgiving was in november in Canada... here it's Christmas already!! who! but their's still nice autumn colors outside... i'm still in the pumpkin mood...

Kawine said...

oh, i forgot.
love your banner!!!!!