Friday, May 29, 2009


Going to the park is one of the girls *favorite* past times. . . {especially Indy's} and before the unpleasant flu this past weekend we went to Beaver Island and played on one of the best playgrounds we have found here in Buffalo.
The ocean is right across the street and the forest is right next to the park. . . it is one of those places that you read about but never expect to see!

Well, we *had* to swing on the swings and Indiana and Kennedy had a blast!
This was Kendy's first time on the swing and she ate it up. . . such glee!
To be a kid again. . . *sigh*

p.s. we are all feeling a lot better! so glad to be done with "pigs"! :)


Carl and Tasha said...

Im so glad you are all feeling much better!! I was worried about you all when I read your previous post. Gosh I LOVE that park so much! I can't wait to come back and take my little guy there. :) your pics are all adorable, like usual! :)