Saturday, May 2, 2009

Eleven Months

Kennedy turned 11 months today!
She is going to be ONE next month!
I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. . . we moved to Buffalo when she was just 2 weeks old! She is such a sweet child and so happy (most of the time :). . . she is so crazy that I don't know how to describe it! Her personality is *so* full of life and spunkiness that you can't help be happy when you are around her.

At 11 months she is crawling around the house at lightening speed and has taken her first steps. . . she walks around all the furniture in the house and has even started to walk from one thing to another. She will walk if we hold her hands/hand but is still a bit wobbly. . . I don't understand how it works though. . . it is quite funny to see such a short-fat legged baby trying to walk! :) chubby thighs are my favorite on babies and Kendy has those! We call her the "tank" because nothing stands in her way. . . and I mean nothing! She is even trying to climb up onto drawers, beds, whatever she can try to climb onto :). . . even Indiana!

She is talking a *lot* and is becoming a pro at calling out for her sister. . . "Indeeanaa!" She doesn't say "mama" very much but she sure loves to say "dada" :) and "byebye". . . she usually says those two things together :(. . . sad, I know!. . . at least she knows and loves it when Pace comes home again :). . . she is definately a momma's girl though. . . my back reaps the benefits of that!

She is such a GREAT eater and that is quite a change from her big sis. . . she is eating just about everything under the sun except for milk (which we will be starting soon) and nuts. . . we don't want any allergies!

She was the best thing to happen to our family since we had Indiana and I cannot imagine not having her. . . even though we didn't plan on having Kendy as soon as we did. . . I know that Heavenly Father knew better. . . her and Indiana are the best of friends and anyone out their who has a sister knows what I mean about the bond you share with a sis. . . since we did move away from all of our family out West it is so wonderful to know that "my girls" have each other! Indiana would be *so* lonely without Kennedy and our family wouldn't be nearly as much fun! She is such a precious baby and we love her so much. . . it is sad to think that soon our "baby Kendy" is going to be a big girl but we will relish every minute of it!

Love you baby girl ;) Happy Eleven Months


Annalee said...

wow, so big! I can't believe it! she looks so much like you in those photos.

Bart, Paige and Grace said...

oh my goodness! Your girls are BEAUTIFUL! I can't believe how big they are!!!

R said...

I think your adorable little girls have the cutest names ever!