Wednesday, May 27, 2009

sewage, bats, swine flu, ER, one- pound hamburger. . . and i'm just getting started!

Memorial Day Weekend. . . hmm. . . I've had better!
if you can imagine *anything* happening. . . good and bad. . . it happened to the Plants this past week!

Let's start from the very beginning. . . because that IS a very good place to start!

Some of you know that Pace brought home a virus last week and graciously passed it along to me (it is no surprise that I "caught" it, since I get EVERYTHING!). . . and we have been sick for the past week. Pace had it Sat. and Sun. and I have had it since Sun.
I haven't been this sick in a *long* time. . . and it is just dragging on and on and on. I know that I had the flu and had suspicions that perhaps it was the "swine flu" but just shrugged that notion off. I mean, come on, who gets the "swine flu"? people in N.Y. City and Mexico do. . . but not us in Buffalo, right?

It became very apparent that we had the "swine flu" when the girls started with symptoms Monday. . . very *high* temps, throwing up, chills, aches, tiredness, congestion, and sore throats. I called our Pediatrician and he confirmed what I had been dreading to hear. . . Buffalo has had cases of "swine flu" (news to me! so just be cautious, not paranoid, but cautious. . . especially those of you with babies/kids). . . and that is what the girls had (99.9% sure!). He told us not to worry but to just ride it out and if they weren't better soon than to take them in for an appt.
They have started to feel better (thank goodness) but Kendy has had the worst of it and Pace and I are going on ZERO sleep for the past four days!
We feel so bad for our little buggers but it is a *ton* of work to take care of two (highly) sick kids and we feel like zombies. From getting up every half hour to suck noses, administer medicine, clean up puke (gross!), doing laundry, giving baths (for cleanup and trying to break fevers), calming crying/fussiness and everything else that comes with the flu. . . we are ready for a relaxing summer break!
Did I mention that Pace and I *still* have signs of flu (congestion, coughing, sore throat)? So we feel like CRUD and are trying to hang in there!
{*thank you* to Ryan and Megan for thinking of us and bringing us a DQ treat! it helped us out a lot and the thought was literally so *sweet*!
Indiana can't stop talking about her "dilly bars" and how "Ryan and Megan brought them to us" :) thanks guys!}

So, if having the "swine flu" wasn't enough excitement for our Memorial Day. . . tip of the iceberg people!. . . we have dealt with, let's see:

1. Saturday our sewage backed up. . . again! had to call roto-rooter.
he came and took care of it. . . thank goodness! glad we caught it :)

2. Saturday night cleaned out basement until 1:30 in the morning and had some visitors. . . BATS!
we have BATS in our basement! come on!?!
saw them fly by and about had a heart attack.
so, how to get rid of bats, don't know, but is needs to happen soon!

3. girls got sick on Mon. and have been dealing with that since

4. rushed Kendy to the E.R. Tues. night because we thought she swallowed a magnetic fridge letter. . . turned out she didn't :) thank heavens!
also discovered she is getting THREE molars right now. . . the flu wasn't enough to make her fussy. . . so on top of it all poor Kendy is getting three teeth! oh goodness. . . :(

some FUN things we did:
1. went to Beaver Island for picnic. . . played at playground and beach. just love it there!

2. ate out with Ryan and Megan. . . always a delight!

3. planned Kendy's Birthday. . . she will be one next week (June 2nd)! keep Sat. June 6th open people! getting invites out today :)

4. went to see the "Martin House". . . Frank Lloyd Wright designed it. right by the zoo. very cool.

5. tried to go to the zoo. . . it was closed :( played at a park instead! :)

6. did some shopping. . . that is fun. . . at least for me!

7. went to "Cheeburger Cheeburger". . . Pace ate a ONE POUND hamburger by himself and got his pic taken for their board! he was proud (and so was I!) and very sick right after! silly boys :)

So, I've left some out. . . but you get the point! A very interesting holiday weekend, for sure! :)

please pray for MoJo


Terese said...

Holy moly! I hope everyone gets better quick! I thought we had it bad with strep throat this weekend! I pulled some neck muscles from jumping out of bed in the night to run to Charlie's aid. I can't look to the right at the moment. It's bad enough to get the flu, but to have swine flu, man! This is a time where it would be nice to have family close by to babysit so you can take a nap. I can't believe Kendy will be a year old already!!! Love your header too btw.

Annalee said...

oh mercy. I hope you are recovering. Wish I was out there to give some relief! take care.

Ryan and Megan said...

Karli- you're amazing, you should write a book! I think it's kind of cool that your girls might have fallen victim to the swine flu, that could definitely get them on the local news.

Jacob and Katie said...

?!?! Swine Flu!
That is terrible!

I hope you and the fam get better soon! I still think you should move over here to the Sweet Home Crew. You'll get your occasional stray cat and skunk, but no bats that I know of.

--and to the post a while back-- We LOVED the Catan cookie pic! We got a good kick out of them. :-)

Alison said...

Oh man! I am so sorry! Having sick kids is THE WORST! Carter is just getting over an ear infection and croup and even that was hard! I can't imagine being sick myself, and doubling the work by having two kids! Yikes! Hopefully things will look up soon. When it rains it pours unfortunately!