Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby bib

I want to make some bibs like this for the girls. . . wouldn't these be cute for just wearing and not for catching food!?! you better believe it!
I better start embroidering today so that they will be done by the time the girls are in their twenties! :)

p.s. the Evans invited us over for dinner on Sun. for Mother's Day (which was *wonderful*). . . and the reason why i mention it is because Stephanie wore her apron while we were there and i *loved* it!
my grams, my mom and i all do that! so cute Steph. . . and thanks for an awesome meal. . . you guys are so nice! :) thank you Steph, Travis and Collin!


Stephanie Evans said...

Haha, I didn't even realize I was still wearing it! I actually wish I had a cute one- that pic is adorable! At my parent's house it is a *requirement* to be wearing an apron if you are cooking! Don't want to ruin any cute clothes :) It was so fun having you guys over. I wish we hung out more- maybe we can fix that this summer!

Liza said...

beautiful image.