Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just a Few things. . .

. . . I just wanted to THANK everyone from the bottom of my heart for all of your loving comments and support for the work that I did using Kitschy Digitals! It was a blast doing it and I now have made a good friend too. . . thanks Danielle! ;)

Speaking of Danielle and all of the cuteness that she creates. . . check out this deal she is offering on her Kitschy Digitals digital kits. Up until May 23rd she is offering a "BoGo" on her digital kits! Buy One and Get one Free! Did you hear that? FREE! such a good deal for all of you crafters and scrappers out there. So stock up while you can! She is also releasing two new Digital Kits this Tues. . . you know I will be buying those this week! :) I just can't resist! good thing that Pace is such a good sport about all the time (and money) that I spend on my crafting habits! :) I got a good hubby, I do! Here are the two NEW kits:

Show ribbons? that is all YES in my book! ;)

"The Gnome Hut" was also listed on the 3creativesisters Etsy's treasury page. . . thanks to 3creativesisters for including my Houseboat! Here is a screenshot: Most people who know me know that I am quite an addict of Vintage Fisher Price and now I am dabbling in selling some (got to purge my own collection. . . not enough room to have it all!). . . you can see my "the gnome hut" etsy page if you want. . . I am going to be offering more in my etsy shop that is handcrafted coming up soon. . . just trying to find the time to make all the stuff that swims in this head of mine. . . I will keep you all posted ;)

I also wanted to share the artwork that I found of this *wonderful* woman. . . Lauren Gregg!
she rocks. period. You can download an awesome desktop wallpaper here that she designed for the blog "nerdist" and Chris Hardwick. . . that is if you want something quite geeky and all things nerdy to look at all day (I do! it is on my desktop RIGHT now) :). . . actually it reminded me so much of me and my friends from Harrisville that I made a pic with all of our names under our prospective geek equivalents. Shout out to Harrisville. . . I miss those care free days! Well, been very busy lately with just the normal routines and keeping up with my girls. Indiana has been such a stinker lately and saying the cutest things! good thing she is *so* darn cute. . . that little wild child :) My parents came to visit and while we were at lunch one day we were discussing something very serious (don't remember what?) but something with a serious tone and indiana just cuts in and sings "Let It Be". Just like that! We were laughing so hard! Can you tell that we listen to the Beatles a LOT in our home? what a funny, funny girl :)
Kennedy is going to be ONE in just a few short weeks (June 2) and I have been busy planning her party. The one year mark is a big deal in our fam and I can't wait to celebrate her big day! She is being more adventurous in her "walking". . . and just last night she walked across our living room floor from me to Pace. We are expecting her to be cruising here pretty soon. . . sad that she is so big. . . but happy that we have her to enjoy watching her grow up.

Kendy and her "baby beans". . . she *loves* this doll! she will drag it around the house crawling with one hand and dragging the doll in the other. . . it is the cutest when she snuggles her! she shoves her face right into the doll and nuzzles. . . Kendy is such a sweetheart!

Indiana wearing the *adorable* crocheted headbands that my sis sent to them just for fun (and because she is the best aunt!) Thanks Sarah! the girls love them ;)

if you didn't notice I made a new watermark for my pics (on the pic of the girls) and I am thinking of starting to take pics for people as a "photographer". I haven't got the details yet. . . but I would be cheap because I am just starting out in a "professional" sense. would anyone be interested? let me know :)