Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Anniversay, Father's Day. . . did I miss any?

this post is a tad late. . . but better late than never

While we were out of town we celebrated not only because we were in the "happiest place on earth" but because well, their was a whole lot of special dates while we were gone!

Of course Sunday was Father's Day.
Never a better way to celebrate Dad's than to be with them!
We left Sunday morning for Florida and arrived at Disney World around 10:30 a.m. . . . this meant that we could celebrate the Day of Dad's in the Magic Kingdom.

We got to be with my dad (Mike), Pace's dad (Walt), Pace's bro (Porter) and of course the dad of my girls (Pace himself!).

It was fun. . . but so DANG hot, hot, hot!
Father's Day was the second to hottest day we spent in Florida and was just a bit miserable. I really should apologize to all those who had to deal with me in the heat. I was cranky and just down right not in the mood to be walking around and hauling kids all over a amusement park.
So, sorry! :(

Anyway. . . Dad's rock! that is what I am meaning to talk about and it was SO nice to be with all the dad's in my life on the big day! :)

On the 23rd of of June Pace and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary.
Yay! Four years!

I guess for us anniversaries come and go and nothing really special ever happens on our anniversary day.

I was 9.5 months prego on our first anniversary and we (as in I) wasn't in the mood to do much of anything.

Our 2nd anniversary revolved around the new little one in our lives, Indiana, and it came and went with a post-it note saying, "Happy Anniversary!". . . Pace had school all day and worked all night. . . so nothin' special.

Our thrid anniversary we literally packed the U-Haul and my dad and Pace started the long drive across the U.S. to Buffalo, NY from SLC, UT.
I called him that night and said, "Happy Anniversary," and Pace was like, "Oh, yeah, it was today."

So this year was nice to be somewhere other than just the norm.

And I think Disney World is way different than the norm!

These four years have been the best of my life and wouldn't trade it for anything! Even if our anniversary day isn't a big deal. . . our marriage is and I am so happy that I married Pace. . . what a perfect match for me.
Seriously. . . we are two peas in a pod. Both computer geeks at heart we mesh as well together as Mario and Luigi.

He is my hero. Love you Pace! :)

On the 26th of June we all got to celebrate the "neat-o-ness" of my dad on his 55th birthday!
I can't imagine a dad being better.

My dad is amazing and it was wonderful to spend his birthday with him.

It didn't hurt that we also got to celebrate it in Disney World.
The cast members gave him a special Happy Birthday pin and all of the workers in Disney World always greeted my dad with a big smile and a nice, "Happy Birthday Mike!". . . how cool :)

well, their you have it. . . my late post about the big days that happened. . .
"while we were out"!