Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Walt Disney World

We are BACK from a one week vacay to Walt Disney World!

What a great way to kick off our summer of love! Since Pace has no school and I am a stay at home madre. . . that is what we are calling this summer. . . the summer of love :)

We had a lot of fun in D-World but. . .
number one. . . would NEVER EVER EVER go again in June!
number two. . . see number one

It was record heat the week we went and the temps got to a very HOT 105 degrees with 100% humidity! Oh my goodness. . . we were just like the Wicked Witch of the West. . . "I'm Melting!"
Literally, melting.

I have been in Tucson in the desert with temps of 115 plus. . . but this was a heat I have never felt before in my life! Needless to say. . . it made walking and waiting in lines very uncomfortable and pretty much unbearable! Guess what? That is what Disney World is ALL about. Walking and waiting in lines. So, we had a rough start but the temps chilled to the low 90's at the end of the week . . . if you can call that chilly! :)

Indiana already wants to go back. . . and so do I! but maybe in January, eh?
The girls were such troopers and did pretty well in the heat and all of the chaos in the land of Dis. The real hiccup we had was Kendy getting the WORST case of prickly heat! Red, itchy bumps ALL OVER her body. . . they started bleeding too!
Oh the poor girl! She was so miserable and only wanted. . . you guessed it. . . ME!
If you think you are hot all on your own in such heat you have never had to hold your own little personal heater on your hip. . . well, we tried to stay in the land of AC. . . but somewhat hard when you want to experience all that Disney World has to offer.
Magic Kingdom was OK. Disneyland is WAY better! (I am biased. . . what I grew up with!) but had the most for Indiana to enjoy. . . she *hearted* it! :)
Epcot was great. . . but not much for the kids to do. More of an adult thing.
Animal Kingdom was everyone's favorite in the Plant Fam and we had a lot of fun there.
MGM was fun too. . . once again. . . not much for toddler age to do.
We will wait to go back to D-World when the girls are older and where they can ride everything.

No regrets. . . had a blast. . . will go back. . . someday :). . . but NOT IN JUNE ;)

p.s. more pics to come. . . just trying to catch up after being gone. . . feels like we were gone for months!


Terese said...

I was hoping you would post soon! How fun you guys went to Disney World! We are planning a trip for January of February. My dad lives in Florida for the whole winter now. I very much value your opinion on all things Disney.

Annalee said...

How fun! I am so sorry it was so hot. I can't imagine standing in lines with the heat. blah! Hope the remainder of your summer is a little cooler! :)