Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pink Eye and Potty Training

the inevitable happened. . . one of the girls. . . as in Kendy. . . has PINK EYE!
ewwwww. . . GROSS!
poor little sod
she is such a trooper but you can see it in her eyes {literally, lol} that she is miserable!
well. . . she did a great thing and passed it onto. . . Pace!
yes! it's not ME!

oh, yeah. . . i should be sympathetic that Pace has it too. . . but i am SO happy that for once i don't have what the girls do. . . but i guess that is kind of a lie. . . i got the cold part. . . just not the icky, sticky, gooey pink eye part. . . and i am rejoicing to the heavens!
both our sick peeps can't open their eyes in the morning. . .
so, enough said! GROSS!

(a pic without pink eye. . .but wanted to share the cuteness that is Kendy )
so, here we are just trying to see if it passes. . . and if not. . . our good ol' pediatrician will be getting a phone call for a doctor's appointment. . . that reminds me. . . does anybody know a GOOD pediatrician that is accepting new patients?

i know that i have had some people tell me who they go to before but, i always forget the names. . . and i have called some places and they are always either (1) not accepting new patients or (2) they don't accept medicaid.
and those that don't accept medicaid act all happy to help you and then you tell them that you don't have "normal" insurance, but medicaid, and they certainly change their tune. . . literally!
so, all i am saying is that we would LOVE to find a nice, new pediatrician. . . thank you for your time

second thought. . . Indiana is FINALLY getting into the potty training thing!
what a relief to be on the downslide of this thing they call "potty training". . . it has been quite a battle to get where we are and now i know NOT to push Kendy into it.
i felt all like that Indy needed to be potty trained by a certain time. . . and, well. . . it just isn't true. Indy was ready on her own. . . even though i would have LOVED that time to have been sooner! the diapers alone. . . *sigh*
so, she goes in the potty like 5 or 6 times a day and even will go in by herself and do her thing without any proding or asking! YES!
now. . . don't get me wrong. . . we have "accidents" but, at least we are on to something here!
so, i would like to thank the Dum-Dum company for allowing this to happen.
the inticement of Dum-Dums single handedly got Indy excited about potty training and it is still working. . . so let's hope her teeth aren't rotted straight through before the time she is completely potty trained! good thing Pace is going to be a dentist! lol :)


Candace and Matt said...

Congratulations!! About the potty training, not the pink eye. Although, I think YOU deserve congrats for not getting pink eye yourself. It's great to not have to go through so many diapers a day! Especially when you have two kiddies!

Stephanie Evans said...

So sorry about the pink eye!! So I go to Kenmore Pediatrics... I love it there. Especially Dr. Bowman. She's great. There are 4 doctors there, but you can request who you see. When I asked in an email who to go so for a pediatrician, about half the ward suggested Kenmore. I haven't been disappointed! Oh, and it's on the other side of south campus, so really close!:) Btw, how is the house hunting going?!

The Hicken's said...

Oh that sounds like no fun, (the pink eye thing) the potty training on the other hand is great! Also, I am sorry, it would be hard to not be able to find a pediatrician! I hope you are able to find a really really good one!

Tasha and Carl said...

So sorry about the pink eye! I've been wanting a reference for a pediatrician too. I'm going to have to get Dev in once we get there! I can't decide if I want to get his 2 month shots before the flight...or wait until I'm back there. Any insight as to what you would do?

Your comment on my blog is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! I am sorry about your "curse" though! :p I am happy to hear that the humidity has not been a problem.. With my good luck I'll probably cause it to happen once I'm back. lol. =)

Stina said...

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Chris and Lynae Leigh family said...

I can't say I love my pediatricion, but I like her. So, if you are still looking, I know they accept Medicaid although I don't know if they are taking new patients. Val goes to Dr Stouter at Life time health. The number is 716-689-0040. She is a nice doctor and seems good. Best of luck!