Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday INDIANA :)

Happy Birthday to my THREE YEAR OLD!

I can't believe that Indy is three years old! The years have gone by fast and it feels like just yesterday that I was in the hospital on a hot Fourth of July welcoming Indiana into the world. Indy was two weeks late and now I know why. . . she was waiting to come on a day full of "explosion" because she has been a firecracker from the start!

Indiana. . . where to start. . . she is craziness personified and yet just so sweet and snuggly! She is so curious and loves to know what and why everything happens. . . she is very creative and is always looking for the next "art project" that we can do together. . . she loves all animals and especially bugs (she is crazy for the ants here and doesn't EVER want us to kill them. . . I did once and she looked up at me all sad and said, "He didn't even have a chance."). . . she is a copy cat and remembers EVERYTHING. . . and I mean EVERYTHING! She spits off memories that just astound me. . . she can remember little things like what color of sucker she ate with her cousin Avery when she was 18 months old. . . and I checked pictures to make sure. . . and she is always right!
Her vocabulary has always been amazing and it has really let us see into her personality even at a very small age. . . and if you have ever met Indy than you know what I mean. . . she is so expressive and just so fun to be around. She has a great sense of humor. She loves to sing and dance and her favorite movie right now is "Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipmunk Adventure". . . oh gracious. . . she shakes her booty to that 80's classic like no other. . . very cute! Her favorite song is "Let It Be" by the Beatles and she sings it when I or Kendy is upset. . . she is very sensitive to people's feelings and always reminds me "we don't say that about people, it's not nice". . . and when I cry she brings me tissues and rubs my cheeks and tells me, "It's OK mommy. . . calm down." She loves her daddy and hates when he leaves. . . but so happy when he comes home. . . when I put her in time-out she always asks, "where's daddy. . . I want daddy!". . . because she knows who the pushover is! :)
Indiana is our everything (besides Kendy) and we are so lucky to have her for a daughter. Love you Indy. Happy Birthday. Please stop growing :(

Indiana's Pinata. . . out of all of the pinata's in the store. . . she picked the tiki man. . . a girl after my own heart

she gots lots of presents
and then she opened all those presents. . . with glee mind you!
blowing out her candles on her "cake". . . I use that term loosely because her cake was made out of ice cream cone cupcakes lined up in the shape of a "3". . . did I mention that they were the moistest cupcakes ever! something about the ice cream cones made them EXTRA good! :)
the "cake"
lickin' off all the frosting. . . I should have made her cake entirely out of frosting. . . it's all she really wants!
Indiana wanted to swim on her Birthday so we got out the inflatable frog pool and let the girls swim the afternoon away. . . even though it was a bit chilly here in New York. . . the girls didn't seem to mind. . . but wanted a warm bath after! :)


Jeff and Erin said...

Hope you had a great birthday Indy! I can't believe how big she is and how fast the time flies! Your girls are beautiful and we wish we were closer so that we could get to know them better. Hope all is well and that you had a rockin 4th

Terese said...

Happy belated birthday Indy. I can't get over how gorgeous your girls are. I always wondered about those ice cream cone cupcakes.

Stephanie Evans said...

Your pictures are so classic. I love them! Cute idea with the icecream cone cup cakes. Looks like you guys had a fun filled Fourth!

Tasha and Carl said...

Happy birthday Indy!! :D