Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Niagra Falls. . . at night

we have been meaning to visit Niagra Falls at night since the moment we moved to Buffalo. . . but the timing never seemed right.
we tried. . . oh boy! did we try around Christmas. . . but let's just say that we didn't "feel" like going in 0 degree weather with 20 feet of snowfall! ha! we sure got our comeuppance this winter!
man oh man! i shiver just thinking about it. . . let's not dwell on that TOO long because i don't want to jinx myself and bring winter back early! my luck it will. . . tomorrow! :)

we went to Niagra Falls at night about a month ago and i am just barely posting a pic of it! SO much busy here with us. . . i am SO unorganized right now. . . and well, it is DRIVING ME NUTS! so. . . here's to getting our act together and getting some stuff done. school starts soon. *sigh* can't wait until year 2 is over and done with! who can empathize with me here?

on to Niagra at night. . . it was GORGEOUS!
and a lot of people seem to think so too because it was quite busy.
indy was in awe and kendy wanted to jump in. nothing unusual there!
the colors on the water were spectacular and what awe inspiring natural beauty. they chaged the Falls from rainbow to solid colors and it was just breath taking.
they do it every night. . . so if your ever in town. . . i reccomend stopping by. . . and come see us too!

one of the things i love most about living here in Western New York is all of the wonderful sight seeing we can experience. Canada is thirty minutes away and Niagra Falls is less. we only live about an hour and a half from Palmyra. . . mecca to us Latter Day Saints and it has been wonderful to see and experience it all.
can't wait to do more! :)


Alison said...

I CAN EMPATHIZE WITH YOU!!! I never see my husband. For real. He comes home at around 9:00pm every night and I see him every other Friday evening and weekends when I am not working. So sad. My wait is shorter than yours though... Single motherhood should end in December!

Also, I loved your Niagra pic! How beautiful! I didn't know they had lights on the falls. Cool! It totally makes me want to go see it myself..

Annalee said...

so pretty! I miss it our there! I am glad you are enjoyin the site seeing!

Tasha said...

Such a pretty pic! Carl and I have yet to do that...I'm putting it high up on our list of things to do before the 20 ft snow comes back! ;)

I was just telling Carl yesterday how excited I am to see you guys soon!

Jeff and Erin said...

Dang school...it seems like it is never going to end :o( but i'm glad that you are making the most of it and enjoying NY! I would love to visit the falls and Palmyra. Someday...who knows maybe school will take us to your neck of the woods.
Love ya and miss ya!

Unknown said...

Hi Karly! So this is Ali (Moyes) Broadbent. I just saw your blog and your kids (and your pictures) are gorgeous! I didn't know you were in Buffalo. Thats awesome. So far dental school is much better after boards...at least for us it is! We are in Kentucky right now and loving it.
Niagra Falls looks amazing. You are lucky to live so close! Hope everything is going great with you, Im glad I found you!
If you want to see our blog just email me at rupee40@hotmail.com and I'll send you an invite!

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