Sunday, May 30, 2010


introducing. . .

"picking a kodak moment"

Saturday, May 29, 2010

late polaroid Friday. . . meet me at the Fair

summer time weather is getting me all nostalgic and ready for some outdoor FUN!

let's all grab some cotton candy and meet up at the fair!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

did you hear???

that Julie from Minitoko opened up a *new* website to sell all of her kitschy, kawaii wares?
check out Minitoko*ville!
you will be SO super happy that you did!

did you also hear that you can pick and choose your own ideal Minitoko digi kit?
you heard me right. . . YOU PICK YOUR OWN DIGITAL KITS!?!
you can check out the awesome "digi kit on demand" HERE.

Vintage Photo Frames

Danielle has done it again!
new Kitschy Digitals. . . Vintage Photo Frames!

so *neat-o* daddio that they will liven up any of you cool cat's albums out there! ;)
find HERE

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

because they are kawaii

gifts from Julie!

Monday, May 17, 2010

it's a mod, mod world

mod is cool.
mod is neat-o.
mod paper dolls are cool *and* neat-o!

been adding some vintage mod paper dolls to my collection. . .
boy howdy!
it sure is F-U-N.
this set is super mod and my new *fav*!

page made using:
Kitschy Digitals
stock images. . .
with added extra kawaii by me!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

all you can eat

my lovley, dear friend Katrina {PuglyPixel} has done it again. . .
all you can eat style!

an All you Can Eat. . . Paper Buffet!?!
an entire free digital clipart kit CHOCK full of Paper delights!
from vellum envelopes to doilies to paper bags to index cards. . .
it is *literally* an all you can eat paper buffet!
so download and enjoy!
bon appetit!

thanks Katrina!
you rule.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Polaroid Friday. . . Rainbow Party!

it has come to my attention that Kennedy is going to be turning two years old in a couple of short, SHORT weeks :)
holy cow.
my baby is going to be two!
(well. . . yay! for birthdays. . . not for the terrible two's! ha!)

last year i did a whole "she-bang" for her first birthday. . . do you remember?
and well. . . i just don't have that kind of energy this year!

so. . . i have been thinking of some low key party ideas that we could do as a family and i have been quite inspired by the rainbow colored cake pictures that i have seen *popping* up in the computer world.

party theme accomplished!

get some colorful/rainbow-y decorations, gift wrap, cake and pinata and there you have it!
rainbow party this year! yay!
simple and *oh so* darling. . . if it is good enough for Rainbow Brite. . . it is good enough for us!
{sidenote: go Rainbow Brite! she rocks.}

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MIG strikes again!

Made In Girl. . . *new* issue!
remember when i gabbed about this neat-o *new* magazine from Japan?
well. . . they have come out with a *new* issue. . . and better yet. . .
a *new* and IMPROVED website complete with wares that you can buy!
can you say "Karli is stoked!?!"

the item of my lusting is this beauty:

can you say HOLY sparkly KAWAII! :)
a mirror?
that folds up?
and has about as much kitsch and caboodle as possible glued to it?
count me in.
me wants!

Vintage Stacking Flowers. . . ONE BUCK!

it's Wednesday. . . do you know what that means?
it means that we can get some DANG good deals over at JessicaSprague!
One Buck Wednesday. . . how i LOVE thee!

Danielle is offering her Vintage Stacking Flowers for ONE BUCK. . . {today only!}
so hurry over and grab up this mod-alicious digital kit!
you won't regret it :)

my silly flower power girls!
i love how indy is yawning in the background ;)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kawaii French Macarons. . . oh la la!

check out the *new* addition to Katrina's {Pugly Pixel} French Macaron Clip Art. . . i may have had something to do with it! tee hee.
go kawaii.

download complete French Macaron Clip Art file HERE.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy Mothers day!

to all the moms out there this Mother's Day. . .
Happy Mother's Day!!!!
you all inspire me daily and help me to be a better momma!
thank you!

i know a LOT of pretty awesome moms. . .
but, i would like to mention and thank some special mother's in my life this Mother's day:

of course. . . my own mother.
she taught me how to sew, cook, clean, pray, love, kitsch it up and thrift. . .
{among MANY other things!}
but, she basically taught me how to be a radical momma to my own girls.
thanks mom.
your one in a ga-zillion!

my sister. . . who isn't a mother yet {but i know will be a GREAT one}
has the kindness, love and sense of humor that i search for daily in each of my own crazy mom days!
thanks sis for being a wonderful example of what moms should be.
love ya!

my sister in law. . . who has the patience of a lion tamer and more love in her heart than most could stand.
her two kids warm my heart and i LOVE my niece and nephew!
you rock Erin, hard core! love you.

my mother in law. . . who of course raised the BEST and most WONDERFUL boy who became my husband.
she did many things right and i thank her for that! ;)
love you Kate!

my sister in law. . . who is smart, funny and just plain F-U-N!
she is a terrific momma and has given me the cutest niece!
your cool beans Erica. . . love you ;)


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Polaroid Friday. . . Minitoko Swap

me and my *new* wonderful friend from France. . . Julie. . . decided to do a craft swap with one another. . . all about kitsch and kawaii :)

{you might remember Julie as "Minitoko". . . kawaii goddess extraordinaire and website/digital kit diva}

mine and Julie's tastes just "click" and it sure was fun to get SOOOOO many wonderful goodies from France.
can you say treats? books? magazines? kawaii goodness? wonderful handmade crafts? supplies for Blythes? and SO on and SO forth?
really. . . Julie spoiled me rotten! {and for the record. . . i LOVED it!}
thanks Julie!
swaps sure are neat-o in my book. . . let's check out some of the goods now, in polaroid form, OK? ;)

THE tastiest French chocolate caramels!
OH MY HEAVENS! Le magnifique!
{the family was kind of "fighting" over them!. . . yes, they are already gobbled up!}
isn't the packaging pretty?

a kawaii show ribbon handmade by Julie!
i just LOVE show ribbons!

is that a Furoshiki i see?
why, yes it is!
all retro and kitsch style.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Maio Girls thrifted

found: Maio Girls
price: $1.98
beat up? yes.
worth it? yes!