Tuesday, June 16, 2009

FREE bookplates! . . . that's right, FREE :)

found these cute bookplates. . . had to share!
i have been a long time admirer of Helen Dardik {and her art} and now you can join in on the love too and get some FREE bookplates.
would they not be a perfect gift for a child tucked inside some cute vintage books?
gah! they are so AWESOME!

p.s. this artistry reminds me of my two talented cousin. . . in-laws? i don't know what they would be called in relation to me. . . but these gals married Pace's first cousins. . . but whatever you would call them, they are my family. . . shout out to the twin sistas, Terese and Denise Plant, Hey-O!

used this bookplate to make this digiscrap page:the possiblities are endless with these. . . did i mention, FREE bookplates! :)


Terese said...

Thanks for the shout out Karli! You are way too kind! I love that gorgeous layout and the photo of K. Your girls are just the cutest things, no jokes. If we lived close to each other I'd be wanting to photograph them all the time. I love that life you have created for your family. I bet you could make it magical where ever you lived.

Ryan and Megan said...

Just a little note to say, have fun at DISNEYWORLD!!!! I am so jealous, I can't wait to hear all about it. Take tons and tons of photos, I want to see!!

Chris and Lynae Leigh family said...

So..., I don't know if you still have free bookplates (or where you get them), but they are way cute and I would love some if you can give me info. Thanks!