Monday, August 3, 2009

Guess What?

that's right
you heard it here first folks
we are outta here!
well. . . outta this apartment on Winspear (not Buffalo, *sigh*) and onto a new apartment/FULL house (to ourselves!)

found it today
said we would take it today
Pace starts school on Monday
we will be moving around the 15th
i will have a stroke on the 20th

that's all folks! :)
(wish me luck!. . . super stressed right now! have to smile or i will just sit down and cry and NEVER get up!) he he he


Stina Glaas said...

Congratulations to your new home! Wow, that a quick decision!! But it will be SO GREAT!! :-) Just keep smiling!! And do NOT start thinking!! Just pack your things. ;-)

Tasha said...

Wow congrats! Soooo are you closer to us by any chance?!

RaCHeL said...

That is awesome! Change is good. So where is this new place?

Rachel said...

Yeah, Winspear probably isn't the greatest of all places to live...sorta like Rounds. :) I'm excited to hear the news! Don't be stressed! Your VT will help you! What can I do? Even if I can't actually pack for you, I can certainly take your kiddos for an afternoon or two. And you know I would LOVE it!

Jacob and Katie said...

Oh wow!! Are you coming over to the Amherst Ward??? :-)