Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy FIRST Birthday Kendy :)

Today is Kennedy Michelle Plant's FIRST Birthday!
well. . . June 2nd is!

Happy Birthday Kendy

I cannot believe that my little baby girl is ONE YEAR OLD. . . this past year has been the busiest of our lives and we wouldn't have wanted to do a second of it without our Kendy-kins.
We moved to Buffalo when Kennedy was just two weeks old and I am kind of sad that our first months with her were so hectic. . . but I think she wouldn't want to have life any other way because she is the cause of a *lot* of the "hectic"!

Knowing Kendy is knowing happiness because that is what she radiates. . . she is spunky, wild, sweet, snuggly, crazy, funny, devilish, destructive, investigative, curious, cute , silly and did I mention CRAZY?
Her and Indiana are in a competition to see who is the craziest. . . and so far. . . Kendy is winning!

Here are some pics to document Kennedy's first year.
Going through our "album" on our computer was daunting and I had a hard time skimming down my favorite pics of Kennedy. . . but here are some good ones:

I know, I know. . . it is a *lot* of pics. . . but were they not all adorable? ;)


Stina said...

Happy Birthday to your SUPER CUTE girl!! :-)

Annalee said...

cute pictures!! shes adorable.

Ryan and Megan said...


Jeff and Erin said...

She is so adorable and I'm so sad that I have not met that little one :o( I love the first's my fav! I can't believe she is a year, it seems like just yesterday you had Indy! How is Indy anyway...poor kiddos. Being sick stinks! Hope you guys are all feeling better! Love ya!