Friday, June 12, 2009

Snail Mail

I think getting snail mail is one of the best things to brighten up your day. . . who doesn't love to get a package or letter? something so whimsical about finding out what is inside.

well, yesterday I got the best snail mail ever from my friend in the South. . . Danielle Thompson.
of course, if you ever read my blog you know that I am Danielle's number one fan and she was gracious and sweet enough to send me the prettiest package since bread and butter.
when I opened the package my eyes went from normal to cartoon character in 1.0 seconds. . . she sent me one of the rosettes that she *handmade* and I about fell to the floor! so gorgeous!

what a great way to brighten up my day. . . thanks Danielle! :)

beautiful, no?


Carl and Tasha said...

Snail mail is the best! That is adorable :)