Monday, June 15, 2009

summer day picnic

it is so nice to have some *summer* weather!
felt so good out today that we couldn't help but have an impromptu picnic between Pace's classes (i know! they aren't over yet!. . . so HAPPY it is finals week!)
Indiana and Kennedy are loving being able to go outside and we had a wonderful time eating PB and honey and strawberries. not fancy. . . but sure was yummy!

silly girl eating leaves!

70's gal


Carl and Tasha said...

Absolutely adorable pics (as always!) I'm SO GLAD it's finals week too! :D

Jacob and Katie said...

I love the way your combed the girls' hair! So today, I was fishing around in Jacob's bag and found our invitation to Kendy's bday party! I'm sorry we couldn't make it! :-(. I got a schedule of the commercials and they are on CW and Channel 4 during the news lol. Hope all is well and glad to see the girls are recovering!

The Hicken's said...

Karli you take such cute pictures! And it helps that you have such cute models for them huh? Your girls are absolutely beautiful. I am jealous of Kendy's eyes. Such a pretty color!

MoonDoggie said...

What beautiful children you have.