Thursday, June 11, 2009

Embroidery Time

I have been an embroiderer since Junior High and I always *love* to find new, cute patterns to stitch up. . . I recently found these gems that I want to stitch right now!

free pattern from doe-c-doe. . . just love her!
she has new embroidery patterns for FREE every week! how awesome is that!?!
and aren't these fruits just *adorable*! I am in love <3

another free pattern from doe-c-doe. . . I am in love with horses right now!
I have also started a paint by number horse that I bought from Wal-Mart. . . of all places!

Isn't she cute? get the pattern. . . it was FREE too from Sublime Stitching. . . that is what her stitching is. . . sublime! man, I love Flickr! :)

Can't wait to get started. . .
I am thinking that the girls need some new shirts with some fun retro/vintage images on them :)


Chris and Lynae Leigh family said...

How did you learn to embroider? do you do it on a sewing machine?