Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Creative Team Member :)

Just today Danielle has posted some work by me and announced the addition of a couple new creative team members for Kitschy Digitals! {hint: I am one of them!}

yay! so glad to be on the KD team. . . I definitely like to be part of something so full of "kitsch"!
if you know me. . . you know that I am OBSESSED with all things retro-vintage-kitsch and this is a great way to incorporate that into my scrapping and my crafting. . . not to mention that all of the Kitschy Digitals are just plain CUTE!

anywho. . . click here to see the post by Danielle over at her very adorable blog and don't miss a chance for a FREE giveaway! did you hear me? a FREE giveaway from Danielle involving her amazing products!
just go over to the new blog post and check out the details. leave some comments and you just might end up with either some free Kitschy Digital kits (I think FIVE) or some Kitschy Digitals goods/embroidery patterns.
such a great opportunity if you are an admirer of Danielle's. :)
you can also go to to see all of her eye candy for sale :)

thanks for all of the support I have been getting!
so wonderful to read your nice comments and know that others out there share a love for crafting and creativity ;)