Saturday, October 10, 2009

a few things. . .

. . . been a busy, busy past couple of months and here's some low downs.

decided to move. check!
cleand an entire new rental home top to bottom. . . (full of dog hair and pee. . . YUCK!) check!
"moved". check!
went to Utah on "vacay". check!
went to Disneyland. check!
went thrifting. check! check! check! and double check! (i just heart the D.I.!!!!!)
saw and visited lovely family. check! (thanks mom and dad!)
Pace painted WHOLE HOUSE. check! (thanks snugs!)
flew home. . . on a red eye. . . with a screaming baby. . . for an hour and a half! horrid. check!
had rents visit for a week. check!
went to Toronto. check!
saw Niagra Falls. . . again (which i don't mind!). . . check!
ate my weight in Buffalo Wings. check!
unpacked new house. check! (well. . . accept ten totes! i just don't have the built-ins like the old apartment! anyone know of any dressers out there? need to find some. . . soon)
had a couple nervous breakdowns. shamefully. . . check!
all settled in new house. . . hmmm. . . not quite a check!
went to Bunco. check!
thought up costumes for Halloween. check!
yard work. NO check! (hopefully this weekend. . . dang rain!)
feel completely exhausted. CHECK!

all in all. . . it has been a fun ride. seeing family is always wonderful. . . and so is having a new home.

but. . . glad to be home and have things less insane. . . like knowing where my toothbrush is! seriously. it got to that point! ;) moving is the pits! don't want to do it again until we leave Buffalo. let's hope we don't have too.

here are some random pics of the events. . . more to come! :)

this is a REAL place in Utah. . . isn't that funny? it was SO retro and cute. . . didn't eat there. . . maybe next time when Pace is actually with us!

Pace has had his own dairy place since 1957 :) go figure

Casa Loma in Toronto, Canada. . . that is my parents and the girls in the bottom of the pic. . . if you look with a microscope you can see how happy they are :)

one of my FAV thrift finds in Utah. . . i took home TWO suitcases full of thrifting junk! tee hee :)

wouldn't you just love a print of this? me too!

Indiana and Avery loving each other on a fairy mushroom. . . they have a new area in Disneyland called "Pixie Hollow" (it is where "Ariel's Grotto used to be. . . for all you Disneyland lovers!). . . it was SO adorable and frankly magical!

did i mention we got to actually meet Tinker Bell!?! it was pretty awesome :)

my sister Sarah, Kennedy and me on the "Chew Chew Train" in bug's land. . .

it it a ride where you ride on Heimlich from Bug's Life and see all of the foods he loves to eat. . . Candy Corn, my favorite! :)

can you see my Indy? she ran right up to Sully and just snuggled him the ENTIRE time! couldn't get a great shot of her looking. . . but isn't that just sweet! my monster snuggler! i also love how Liam (my nephew) is just like, "Yo, what's up Sully!"

all the kids on a flower in Pixie Hollow. . . hard to get a shot with every single kid looking! especially when my two girls are involved! well. . . maybe it's just Indiana. . . that stinker!


Terese said...

I love that you went to D-land! You Disney crazy! We are going to D-world in Feb. I'm going to need all the tips you can give. Love the retro feel of your pics. Sooo cute how Indy is a monster snuggler! She's not a shy one eh?

Alison said...

Love the D-Land pics! It's so funny because Mark is already talking about going there next spring! That is when the new water show comes out you know...

It was fun to see you "in real life."

Danielle said...

your family is so darling and i'm so happy things are finally settling down for you! although, how nice to be able to spend so much time with your sweet family! and i want to see more off your thrifting loot! :-)

Tasha said...

Eating our weight in wings was FUN! Glad we could check that off w/ you guys ;)

Jacob and Katie said...

So glad you had an awesome vacation! :-) I always love seeing the girls.