Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Festival. . . 2009!

we found out about the Pumpkin Festival last year. . . decided to go. . . went. . . loved it!

Indiana wouldn't STOP talking about it after!
we KNEW we would have to go again this year and Indiana waited patiently for the time to come . . . and well. . . it came. . .
and it was COLD!

last year. . . it was 70 with the sun shining. . . this year it was 45 with a chilly wind blowin' on in!
we almost didn't go. . . but that was crazy talk (at least according to our boss. . . the three old we own named Indiana!)
so. . . we went. . . against better judgement. . . and

we had a BLAST!

despite the FRIGID weather and the fact our noses fell off after. . . it was fun!
no one was there. . . go figure?. . . and we got to do everything!

we went and fed the animals. . . goats, llamas, a baby buffalo (yes! it was SO cute!) and. . .
a camel?
poor thing was freezing it's hump off! don't they live in the desert? random.
but he was fun to pet. . . and he REALLY liked Indy! kept nibbling at her coat and shoes! she LOVED it! Kennedy ran. he might have liked her too. . . but she is NOT our animal girl!
she gets too "riled" up to give them a chance! she just screams and points. . . very comical to watch! :)

we went in the "Magical Castle" to see a "magic" show. . . and i use the term "magic" loosely!
it was pretty much horrible! but we laughed the whole way through!
pretty bad when you can actual see how the magician does his "tricks". . . not to mention he was the "dirty old man" type!
creep-o city. enough said.

we ate a onion blossom. yes. it was pretty disgusting! don't you just love fair food?

we went through the hay maze. . . and i use the term "maze" loosely!
more like a "walk through some hay stacked up high. . . not a maze" maze! the girls didn't mind. . . Indiana kept talking about the "smell". . . tee hee. . . she has a sensitive nose that girl.

we went through the "BOO barn". . . quite terrifying actually.
not very "kid" friendly.
quite gory and creepy.
like zombies in a graveyard (covered in blood, mind you) digging up their friends body parts. . . all of which have skin falling off of them. and this is just a part of it!
good thing Indiana LOVES scary stuff! she dug it. . . hard core.
she wanted to go through again! what a weird girl!

we went on a horse drawn hay ride through a field and pumpkin patch.
it was magical!
so fun and cozy!
all we needed to top it off was some hot cocoa. :)

we had the girls' faces painted. . . Indy got a Black Cat. . . Kendy got a Spider. . . they both sat still really well. . . but they couldn't NOT touch them after they were finished. . . and well. . . they eventually ended up all over their faces. . . and hands. . . and bodies!

we went and saw all the pumpkins. . . and we are talking THOUSANDS of pumpkins! very festive and fun.

got pics. . . and then left.

what a great tradition we have found here in New York. . .
Indiana is talking about going again. . . next year! :)


Jeff and Erin said...

I can't get enough of your girls! They are so fun and cute! Hope you guys have a happy halloween!

Jacob and Katie said...

What a fun day! I'm loving the leg warmers Kendy is sporting.

Danielle said...

the way you describe things just seriously CRACKS me up. :-) Love you Karli. You're *always* such a ray of sunshine for me and you ALWAYS make me grin ear-to-ear! So happy you guys had a nice time! :-)

danielle thompson