Friday, October 30, 2009

polaroid Friday. . . Danielle Thompson

i have decided to do a "polaroid friday" every. . . well, friday.
i will highlight things that have been inspiring me for the week in the ever so kitschy polaroid way!

to kick start my polaroid shaking fun i am going to highlight a dear friend of mine. . .
Danielle Thompson

her photos ALWAYS inspire me and her kitschy love is more than my little retro heart can stand!
her color palettte makes your heart *swoon* and your crafty mouth salivate.
she is amazing.

Danielle. . . this is for you.




also. . . Danielle is SUCH a sweetheart and did a very fun idea called "conversations" inspired by her friend Floresita (lady behind the VERY inspiring blog "feeling stitchy". . . can you say floss heaven!)
she highlighted a few people to have "conversations" with and Danielle chose ME as one of them!
seriously? so nice and what a honor!

check it out!
thanks D! you are too kind :)

isn't this clever? she highlighted pictures that she took and then some that i did.
you can tell our different styles. . . but yet the themes are similar.
and if you didn't notice. . . Danielle's photos are FAR superior to mine!
and i mean this in a good way and not in a "feel sorry for me" way! really.
she is such an amazing artist and photographer. . . i just feel blessed that she would honor me in such a way. go and look at her Flickr. . . and you will KNOW what i mean!