Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween. . . 2009!

i LOVE halloween!
it is one of my favorite holidays. . . a close second to Christmas.

this time of year just brightens me up and makes me feel all warm and cozy like.
it's fantastic!
the smells in the air. . . the leaves changing. . . pumpkins. . . spooky stuff. . . trick or treating. . . and let's not forget CANDY!
candy candy candy! delicious candy.

how is a holiday dedicated to candy not fantastic?

every year i get all pumped up about what the girls are going to be.
something different, unique and home made.
i LOVE to make the girls costumes. . . something about the personal touches and the "you aren't going to find that down at the corner market" totally appeals to me.
i think up all year ideas for costumes. is that sick? well. i do anyway.
i have costumes in mind for YEARS to come people!
i know. but i can't help myself!

but. . . narrowing down what the girls are going to be. . . and convincing my subjects that they will like what i want. . . (Indy. . . talking about you girl). . . can be challenging.

but it's done.
that's right.

i usually wait until the day of Halloween to *surprise* everyone with what the girls are going to be. . . but. . . this year i just can't wait!

so. . . presenting. . . the Plant's Halloween. . . 2009!

Kennedy is. . . a package of PEZ candy!

Indiana is. . . Luke Skywalker in Degobah Fatigues! . . . complete with YODA

are they not super adorable?
i love how each turned out. . . and how they really highlight each of my girls' personalities.
Kendy is sweet but has some "bite"!
Indy is my rough and tumble girl who loves animals. . . and Yoda :)

we took the girls to a local cemetary for the photo shoot. . . wanted to do this for over a year!
i think they turned out fantastic! just enough "scary" :)

SO. . . here's to a Saturday night full of frantic running around in outfits that are not normally "socially acceptable" just to get a sugar high! and if you get a "trick" along the way. . . all the better!


Danielle said...

are you KIDDING me? you are brilliant my friend! brilliant! and hand-made?!? you are **amazing**. OMG they look so CUTE!!! i love all the little details.. i love Yoda on her back!! WHAT?!?! and that pez costume? perfection. I want to come to *your* house for Halloween. :-)

danielle thompson

Tasha said...

Cute cute CUTE! I agree with Danielle, yoda is AWESOME!

The pez costume is absolutely adorable. :)

You are so creative!!

Terese said...

So totally creative! I love it. That scene in Star Wars when Yoda is riding on Luke's back always cracks me up! Home made costumes are the best! I am begging Josh to let me make his this year and he doesn't trust me that it'll be cool! Whatev. Love the photos. Your girls are just gorgeous.

Jeff and Erin said...

I always look forward to your Halloween costumes...I think you should post pics of previous Hallows Eve (Indy as a gnome is my fav)

Thanks for the comment on my blog. My family says HELLO and asks about you often. My dad goes to NY for work every year and said that he should stop by the Plant house hold...they have many fun memories of you Kar (Apu being a favorite!)
and I still give Alex crap about his little comment "as sexy as you can" It's crazy they're all grown up :o(
Love ya tons! Give the girls hugs!

Jacob and Katie said...

Hahaha, I LOVE IT! Way cute idea having the pics done in a graveyard :-)