Thursday, October 1, 2009

an "Itty Bitty Birdy" told me. . .

just so you know. . .

Itty Bitty Birdy is the sweetest gal around. . . and an inspiration to boot!

i found this charming gal (Chelsea Ann) on Flickr and even though we have only met casually online I consider her a friend. . .
isn't she adorable?

well, i have been "catching up" on my online addictions (as in blogs, buying, friends and "chatting") and had a candy eye experience when i stopped by Chelsea Anne's blog "Itty Bitty Birdy". . . and found she has started a new venture that peaked my interest very much. . . DIGITAL SCRAPBOOK KITS!

the real funny thing is that i started to dabble in digital scrapbook kits back of the beginning of summer and since we have been topsy turvy (vacations, moving, ect.) it got put on the back burner. . . but now that i see others can do it. . . i am motivated to do it myself! check back here soon for some sneak peeks and possibly some freebies!
the "gnomehut" returns! :)

(anyway. . . back to cute Chelsea and her AMAZING new digital kits!)

you can check out her new digital kit too. . . just click here. . .
you won't regret it. . . they are soooooo awesome.

her new (and first) kit is Circus themed.
don't you love it?

i just love Circus themed stuff and she has it pegged to a "cuteness tee"! :)
way to go Chelsea Ann. . . and congrats on the new venture in your life. . . we are happy to benefit from it! :)

p.s. if you stop by her blog you might even find she has "treated" all of us with a FREE kit!
so sweet Chelsea. . . all love from this Plant :)


Tasha said...

So cute!!!

Oh so I finally ordered a new power cord for my laptop! Yay for having access to photoshop/illustrator againg! I'm excited to give digiscraping a try. =)