Sunday, October 18, 2009

new home

living in our new rental home. . . i have come to find that i am loving making a house a home. . . and finding new things to make it really ours.
someway it feels better.
like we are not just squatting. . . but that it is OUR home.
how nice to have a house!

after four years of living in very TINY apartments. . . we have really grown into needing a home.
the girls (and i!) need the space and the YARD! to run. . . to play. . . and be creative.
granted. . . the house still needs some work. . . but things are really starting to come together!

the yard is just. . . well. . . atrocious!
but. . . i am going to give myself a "break" and wait until the weather has warmed up again to really get in up to our elbows with that! the weeds alone! *sigh*
i am ashamed to say that we live here when people see the outside. . . but it is becoming our home. . . and will hopefully be "our" home for the next few years!

it is spacious (for us!). . . four bedrooms/two baths. . . and fits our little family perfectly!

with the new house also comes new things. . . like a NEW couch!
well. . . it's new to us! but. . . i LOVE it!
the old woman who owned it before us would not let A SOUL sit on it!
she bought it in the sixites as a "set" and didn't want it to become ruined! so cute :)
now we get to reap the benefits of that :)
who else just hearts craigslist? :)

anyway. . . i will post some pics of our new house later. . . but here is a sneak peek! :)
here here to living in a home :)

can you see how cool the couch is? it has an almost "wood grain" pattern in it! what!?! come on. so neat-o!

oh. . . and notice the NEW blog header?
it has some sneak peeks also into some new digi kits that i am working on. . . hoping to release those within the next two weeks. . . SO. . . be on the lookout. . . because i will also be offering freebies! :)


Bart, Paige and Grace said...

You are so flippin cute Carley. I love reading your blog!

Alison said...

Yes! More pictures please! I can't wait to see how the rest of your house gets "KARLIfied" 4 bedrooms? Lucky!

Tasha said...

I'm excited to see more pictures!