Tuesday, October 13, 2009

thrift goodies

at this moment in my life. . . pretty much everything is run by so many different things that a way for me to "escape" and get some uplift in my kitschy/retro spirits is to go thrifting.

i LOVE it.
LOVE it!

so of course when i was on vacation in Utah i wrangled my mother into going into almost every single thrift store in the Northern part of the state! we had a blast. . . and i got some AWESOME goods!
do you remember that i said that i brought home two suitcases full? that wasn't an exaggeration. i did. and we had to check them both because they were the "big" size! oh boy oh boy!;)

anyway. . . this is for you Danielle. . . you said you wanted to see some more of what i thrifted and well. . . here is some! :)

this is the "first" half of what i bought. . . meaning what i got the first leg of the vacation. . . i added to this pile! HA!

my mom found the coolest records and let me have them. do you see how "Pioneer" is written on the front in Sharpie? that is the Elementary school i went to! GO ROADRUNNERS!

my onion gal. proudly displayed in my kitchen. isn't she just TOO much goodness at once!?!
i love her.

found a strawberry shortcase doll house for indy and kendy. . . circa 1980s!

thrifted trim my mom grabbed up for me! long live pom poms!

ok. . . this guy is a cheat. . . since i didn't get him in Utah. . . i got him here.
but does he not scream "peace and love"! totally groovy :)


Tasha said...

Duck tales wooohoooo!

OMGOSH your onion girl is precious beyond words! I love her eyelashes.

Danielle said...

oh my goodness.. what IS that last little bug thing?! SOOOO CUTE!!! i love seeing all of your loot! you scored big! thanks for sharing :-) And that onion girl just has TOO MUCH personality. :-)

danielle thompson