Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy TURKEY day!

happy Thanksgiving to you. . .
from the Plants

i decided to dress the girls up this year. . . indiana was SO excited to have another reason to put a costume on. . . Halloween wasn't enough for her!

indiana wanted to be a Native American and i had Kendy be a turkey.

i got indy's costume from a thrift store (Old Navy brand)
and i made Kendy some turkey feathers out of felt.

cute turkey butt

our turkey day was laid back and very FUN!
it was a day full of turkey and mashed potatoes (more than an army could eat!). . . we saw Santa in the Macy's parade this morning. . . and we watched NO football. . .
my kind of Thanksgiving! ;)

next on the agenda. . . decorate Christmas tree
fa la la la la!


Anna said...

so adorable! i love the idea of dressing up for holidays. it makes everything a little more fun.

Kawine said...

oh! what a CUTE turkey! and a CUTE indian!! ;) what a good idea... definitely, i'm gonna move, thanksgiving is much more fun at the south of the border! ha ha ha!

Stina said...

You really have the cutest girls!! And definitely the cutest turkey I have ever seen!! :-D
I hope they will like their part of the swapp. ;-)
(In case Kawine sould read this: yes, you also have the cutest daughter! :-D)

Tasha said...

You always have such cute, creative ideas!

The Hatch Batch said...

What cute girls!! I loved seeing pictures of them. They totally remind me of you and Sara when you were little. Glad you had a great holiday. We didn't get stuck watching football either...yeah!

Stina said...

I love the december blog header!! :-) And I put your blog button on my blog before I got your mail. :-)

Alison said...

I love the girls cute outfits... nice find on the Indian outfit for Indianna. Clever. I'm going to your mom's Christmas card extravaganza tomorrow... I'm so excited!