Thursday, November 5, 2009

introducing my Blythe

i finally got me a Blythe.

she is everything i thought she would be. . . cute. . . big headed. . . and SO fun to photograph and dress up!
it's like having another little girl. . . except this one doesn't talk back! ;)

i got a Simply Peppermint. . . and i highly recommend her to all you lovers of Miss Sally Rice.
her hair is the PERFECT shade of mint green! and i was going to give her bangs. . . since. . . well. . . i didn't know if i wanted "all that forehead". . . but. . . I LOVE ALL THAT FOREHEAD!
so bang cutting went out the window. . . at least for now.

i got her in the mail on Halloween. funny, huh?
so i decided to name her Eve.
as in "All Hallow's Eve".
i also thought since she is my first Blythe that naming her after the first woman was befitting.
here she is:

i just love her and i already want another. . . it is quite addicting. . . the Blythe world!

speaking of the Blythe world. . . my head has been spinning since i first knew my Blythe was coming on ideas of "stuff" for Blythe.

every Blythe needs a wardrobe and of course some accessories.
so i am going to be selling some of my Blythe creations in my Etsy shop coming up soon. . .
right now i have been working on something that i am REALLY excited about. . .
show ribbons for your Blythe!

i have a handful done and many more in production. . . but here is a sample:

many more to be released in my Etsy shop. . . and i will keep you all updated on that!

Blythe has so many options. . . from clothes to accessories. . . its fun to customize your Blythe and take pictures of them in their world.
like i said. . . the Blythe world is VERY addicting!