Friday, November 20, 2009

polaroid Friday. . . New Moon

this week my polaroid Friday is inspired by the release of the *new* Twilight movie. . .
"New Moon".

now. . . i will admit. . . and have before. . . very vehemently, i might add!. . .
that i did NOT enjoy the first Twilight movie.

but. . . i had never read the books and so i was willing to at least read them and give the series a try.

this past week i read all four books and must admit that they were good.
not the best books in the world. . . i still stand by my J.K. Rowling, she basically rocks!
but, the Twilight series books were enjoyable to read.

on that note. . . i decided i had to see the next movie. . . just to see what they did with it.

so, last night a couple of my friends and i went to see the 12:01 a.m. showing of "New Moon". . .
i know! WHAT!?!@#?!

this fact is embarrassing to admit. . . i am a 25 year old mother of two. . . come on!. . . but it was still fun and silly.

me, Rachel and Tasha had SO much fun laughing and gasping with all of the other teenage angst girls there. . . and BOY OH BOY. . . were their girls there!. . . they came out in FULL force.
but that is what made it that much better. listening to them get all excited and laugh and just enjoy the movie in a public setting without "holding back" their emotions.

i think by the end we were all on "Team Jacob". . . you should have heard the crowd when he took his shirt off! TEE HEE!
it was hilarious!

all in all. . . this movie was better than the first. . . in my opinion. . . but it was still corny and the acting was, well, interesting.
so. . . if you like Twilight. . . go ahead and give the "New Moon" movie a try.
but, it's no Star Wars!


Tasha said...

I think it was sooo funny when that DUDE told me to shut up for laughing! hahaha

Rachel said...

I had a BLAST with you ladies! I mean, come on...cheetohs, girl friends, and sexy wolves...does it get any better??

Anonymous said...
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Danielle said...

well, i was hoping that the acting would be better in this, b/c the first one was quite PAINFUL! like *BAD*! ami right? ;-) *BUT* i'm still excited to see it nonetheless! it's fun to be part of all of the ridiculousness. ;-) good to hear you at least liked it a bit better than the first! too funny about the women screaming. :-) which IS a little icky since he's like, SEVENTEEN! ;-)