Friday, November 13, 2009

late polaroid Friday. . . my girls

this weeks inspiration was something simple for me.
my girls.

love them more than words can say. . .
they also DRIVE me crazier than words can say.

nothing like in ALL the world.
who else can say that they spent their day watching 80's acid trip movies like "my little pony" and "rainbow brite", PLAYING with barbies/pet shops and enjoying youth. it's pretty fantastic. :)

now. . . don't get me wrong. . . their is still all the "other" stuff. the not so fun "stuff".
but that stuff seems to be fading from my mind right at this moment. . . well. . . maybe not completely faded!

talking about you Kendy! like when you mashed up all the Goldfish today into the couch. . . WET Goldfish! argh!

or Indy. . . i didn't forget about you either girl. . . like how you colored ALL over your car seat. . . and car door. . . and car window. . . and yourself.
that was possibly THE hardest thing to get off. . . crayon on a car door! dang goo-gone. . . why did your magical powers not work!?!

good thing i didn't even think about those things, huh? :)
cuz. . . being a mom ROCKS!


Jacob and Katie said...

Oh no! If the inside of your car is white, those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers really are magic. I love polaroid Fridays, do you actually have a polaroid camera or is it a software program? If it's the second, can you send me a link?

Kawine said...

:) ha ha!! you make me smile! well, that's life huh? and your gilrs are lovely!!! cute! cute! cute!
(and lesson learned, never give a crayon to my daughter in the car ;))