Tuesday, November 10, 2009

eye candy made with Gnome Hut Digi Kits

i just had to share some *wonderful* projects that people have shared with me who have made projects using my line of digi kits. . . it really feels surreal (and fantastic)!

everyone has their own way to make things "theirs" and i LOVE how each of these people used my kits in their own unique way. . . in ways that i couldn't even dream of. . . in ways that ROCK!

that is what is SO great about digital kits and crafting/scrapping in general. . . it's great to see how other people use their creativity. . . in a different way than you would. . . and that is what spreads inspiration and love ;)

to begin. . . here is a project by Stina. . . my great friend from Sweden:

look at this charming banner!
she printed out my Wood Grain paper and then made this SUPERBLY adorable banner with pictures of her family on it!
you can see more here at Stina's blog. . . Sagolikt Pyssel ;)
i just love how versatile wood grain is. . . it can be used for pretty much anything!!!

next is this ADORABLE digital scrapbook page from Karine. . .

doesn't her daughter look the cutest?
she used my Wood Grain paper and Gingham Trio kits. . . i LOVE how she made the wood grain "see through" and how she used the owls from my FREE Kawaii kit.
just so sweet. . . she also used Kitschy Digitals. . . tee hee! you know i love KD!

speaking of Kitschy Digitals. . . ;)
here is a cute compilation that Danielle made using my Gingham Trio kit. . .
do her dolls not look PERFECT!
the cutest costumes eva'!

"hi girls!". . . you look fantastic as clowns ;)
Danielle used a digital kit from another friend to make the super cute trick-o-treat bags. . .
Chelsea Ann. . .

Chelsea Ann also used my kits to make this fantastic digital scrapbook page (click here for more info from her blog. . . she also used some stickers from a kit that she is cooking up for the future, yay!). . .
we each had the same idea of "retro shapes". . . funny, huh?
not planned. . . but they look GREAT together! :)

she used my Retro Shapes paper and some Kitschy Digitals. . . we both have a KD addiction!
but. . . frankly. . . who wouldn't!?!
this page is just SO retro cute! i love how Chelsea Ann "cut out" some of the shapes from the paper to make little stickers. . . such a great idea :)

lastly i wanted to share a cute blog header that my "cousin" made! Terese is married to my hubby's cousin. . . so what does that make us? cousin-in-laws? i don't know. . . but she is SO creative and an AMAZING photographer. . . go check out her photo blog. . . teaplant photography.

she used my FREE Kawaii kit. . . i just love kawaii. . . and this blog header is just too much "kawaii"! love it Terese :)

can't wait to see more in the future. . . so keep it coming folks!


Kawine said...

oh! thank you! i just loooove your digi kits... it nakes me happy, seriously! ;)