Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kendy's room

since moving. . . we have more room.
more room = that each of the girl's get their own rooms.

it's terrific!
from nap time to play time. . . it's nice to have two separate areas for the girls.

at first i was hesitant to separate them. . . they do like being together. . . but the transition was easier than expected and now i think the girls LIKE being apart.
at least. . . Indiana likes not having to listen to Kendy getting up all night! ;)

so. . . here is some pics of Kendy's room.
her room has a nursery vibe. . . she is still a baby. . . Indiana's room is more "little girlish". . . but Kendy's room has Vintage Baby written ALL over it!

Kendy's vintage night gown. . . she used to be able to fit into it!

Kendy's bed. . . we re-vamped a vintage crib and turned it into a toddler bed. . . easier than i thought!
it fit perfectly into her room's theme and is one of my favorite pieces of furniture we own.

KM. . . for Kennedy Michelle
i also used vintage sheets for her curtains. . . the pink looks so cute in her room

we didn't re-paint the room that Kendy lives in when we moved (if you didn't know. . . we basically repainted the ENTIRE house. . . except for the kitchen and a bedroom upstairs. . . which is where we put Kendy)
the color is NOT exactly what i would have chosen. . . but it was acceptable. . . and now i actually like it!
we call it the "Circus Peanut" room. . . because that is what the color reminds us of! :)

so. . . i went with a "orange creamsicle"/pink color palette for Kendy's room.
with punches of yellow.

play kitchen phone. . . it is a vintage "little tikes". . . well. . . 80's vintage!

vintage FP jumping jack crib toy. . . circa 1960's.
since we used a vintage crib for Kendy's bed. . . i still get to hang all of her vintage crib toys on it

i actually LOVE Kendy's room. . .
despite the fact that i didn't choose the main color her room revolves around.


Terese said...

So cute! I love how the colors look together. Great job!I just want to se more and more!

Tasha said...

Cute cute cute!