Friday, November 6, 2009

polaroid Friday. . . Boopsie Daisy

this week my polaroid Friday is highlighting Missy Munday. . . aka: BoopsieDaisy on Flickr.
Missy's work is extraodinary, unique, full of color, fantastical and candy covered!
every time i see a new project or picture from Missy my little heart swells with delight!
i like to think of Missy as the "Queen Frostine" in this our life of "Candyland"!

if you have seen her photostream or visited her etsy shop: BoopsieMart. . . you know what eye candy i speak of. she is just amazing and her photos are sure to inspire anyone!

so please check out Missy's photostream and her shop.
you won't regret it! ;)