Sunday, April 25, 2010

Holy Moley!

holy enchiladas. . .
holy macaroni. . .
holy chicken and rice. . .
HOLY {insert name of your favorite food}!!!!

it has been a WEEK since i posted last.
i don't think this has EVER happened.
well. . . not since i left Xanga! ha ha ha.

on a serious note. . . sorry Xanga.
you are not so cool anymore.
and that goes for you too MySpace. . .
Facebook has SCHOOLED you.
you got schooled.

this is the *exact* reason why i haven't posted in a week.
i get on tangents and then none of the things i plan on doing get done.
i need MORE organization.
in my mind. . . in my house. . . in my LIFE.
so many good intentions that seem to go wasted.
i have a MILLION things on my mind and i never seem to get them done.
i try to think it's because i am a stay at home mom that takes care of the two *sweetest* and *craziest* gals this side of the Mississippi. . . but, it MUST be me.
many other moms can do it.
so, i am going to try.
the first step towards this goal of "ULTIMATE time utilization" is to get EVERYTHING organized.
from craft supplies to "to do" lists. . . it all needs a good go around with some handy, dandy organization.
i wonder if Martha Stewart is available?
she could help me immensely, i am sure.
oh well.
i guess it is all up to me! ;)

any suggestions?
tips you do to utilize your time?
nice ways to organize (and maybe somewhat cute?)?

speaking of cute organization!?!
wow, wow, wow.

one nice thing that is getting done around here is yard work.
we are kicking our yards bum into shape and that feels SOOO good.
we haven't had a "yard" since being married (five years this summer) and we need this for our family.
the girls NEED room to play.
so, needless to say. . . our rental homes yard was NOT in the best condition when we moved in last fall.
talk about weed city! (and NO! not that kind. ;)

so, many hours are being spent lately tilling and killing and pulling and sowing and mowing and planting. i can't wait until it is all done.
we have a ways to go. . . but some big projects got finished this weekend.
it will be nice to finally have a yard to be proud of!
and actually use :)

hear, hear to playing croquet and having BBQ's this summer.
*ah*! sounds heavenly.

oh! on a final note. . .
sorry for all the unanswered e-mails and non-existent blog commenting.
i am catching up and will be purusing your blogs and leaving lovely comments this week!


Parker said...

Dearest Friend,

I think you are a super hero. It can't imagine how it is that you do all that you do.

The only thing I can suggest to help with organization is this: Go out and get yourself a super cute notebook and make lots and lots of lists. It works for me.

Oh, and I couldn't believe the news you left on my blog. We were married in Newport Beach and I was thrilled to learn that you were married in SLC. Too COOL! We must be kindred spirits.

love and hugs,

julie said...

Howdy Karli ! Here you are ! Happy me ! (and sorry no advice from me, too newbie to this 'super mom'role.

rushton family archives said...

Oh I LOVE organization. Everything has a place in my house... it's just not always in its place. :)

We've been there with the tilling and killing and so on. It's SO rewarding! Makes me feel like such a grown-up.

Good luck, Karli!


Rachel said...

I was wondering where you had been! :)

ringmaster said...

i have no advice for you since this post sounds very familiar to me!!!!! can you say deja vu

Anonymous said...

i hear ya, Karli. i can't imagine a thriving online life if our lives in the *real* world are far organized. nice feeling to get some yard work done, eh? i love it.

for what it's worth, i've been away from blog-commenting, too, for similar reasons. sometimes i wish we had more than 24 hours in a day. :)

Danielle said...

YAAAY for yard work! that is always a good feeling when that's done. :-) And OMG those dollhouse set-ups are AMAAAAZING!! hope you're having a good day! :-)