Thursday, April 15, 2010

Polaroid Friday. . . Geek at Heart

the truth of the matter is simply this. . . i am a GEEK at heart {to the *core* even}.

i play Nintendo while watching Battlestar Galactica and organizing my Star Wars figurines.
it's true.
i'm a nerd.

so let's celebrate "geekery" with some polaroid Friday:

vintage Star Wars figures ad. . . *swoon*!
remote control R2-D2? sign me up!

excuse me. . .
can i please *pretty* please have one of these shirts?
could this family be screaming their "nerd-ism" more?
i think not. awesome.
i want to be them!

eat your heart out Charlton Heston.

and lastly. . .
a Star Wars Holiday Special!?!
my eyes have never beheld this glorious-ness that supposedly exists. . .
anyone know where i can see it?
i would be GREATLY appreciative for any information on the behalf of finding this footage ;)

there you have it.
now go and get your geek on.


Parker said...

"Who's scruffy looking?"


Anna said...

I am a closet nerd with you!

Carl Fricke said...

Yay for geeks! :)

Anonymous said...

i'm a geek, too. i saw a girl wearing glasses similar to the ones bill gates wore in the early 80's and i found myself thinking, "i want a pair".. geek, no?

high five to geekery.

Windsor Grace said...

Those apple shirts are ridiculous.