Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mod Podge

it's Wednesday?
i am SO behind!
here is a mod podge of pics of what has been happening in our neck of the woods. . .

Poppy did the grocery shopping this week. . . all she bought was Cotton Candy! ;)
both of my girls have been on a sugar high since Monday!
(thanks Katrina for the re-ment goodies! LOVE them all. . . and so do Poppy and Eve)

i am SO on the "save the pink bathroom" agenda.
this lou is just gorgeous! and. . . i am very partial to the chalkware fish on the wall.

my sweet chubby cheeked girl is now 21 months!
she sure is growing up VERY fast.
wasn't she just a baby?
(get this. . . Kendy weighs 28 pounds now. . . Indiana weighs 31. . . they are two years apart and only three pounds away from each other in weight! ha!
no wonder EVERYONE asks us if they are twins when we are "out and about"!)

the other day Indiana had the request of becoming a pirate. . . i had to oblige. . . have you seen her face? too cute to say no! ;)
i whipped up an eye patch out of felt and found an old bandanna for her head. . .
she was SOOO into it. . . the floor was the ocean and she made Kendy's bed her "ship".
she made a treasure map (complete with an "X") and used a paper towel roll as her telescope. . . her treasure was a baby doll crib filled to the BRIM with toys, toys. . . and more TOYS!
too funny.
she went around the house saying things like. . .
"come me matey!"
"walk the plank you dog!"
"arghh. . . avast! there be the treasure!"

i couldn't help but snap some shots of her. . . and with her willingness to have her pic taken lately, her ham for the camera attitude is not hidden. . .
i didn't have to pose her at all!
she just went to town and started to make "pirate faces" (as she called them!). . .
silly, silly Indy.
love that girl.

we have been busy. . . and had a *wonderful* Easter weekend.
hope yours was nice too!
next on my list. . . spring cleaning!
organization. . . here i come! ;)


Anonymous said...

OMG. your girls are ADORABLE, Karli. i feel the need to pinch both of their cheeks... so cute!!

i'm happy you like the re-ment!

julie said...

So awesome scraps ! so awesome girls ! Kids are such imaginative it always wonders me and makes me happy to watch them 'building' their own worlds.