Friday, April 2, 2010

Polaroid Friday. . . Easter

hippity-hoppity. . . Easter is on its way!
April. . . LOVE April.
the sun is shining. . . the flowers are a bloomin' and spring is in the air. . . *oh* and Easter!
i just LOVE Easter!
it has an air of peace and new beginnings.
i love that. . . because i need those often! ;)

hey. . . wotcha think of the chocolate bunny suckers above?
totally cute, right?
i have it on GOOD authority that the Easter Bunny is bringing some of them to our house this Sunday!
psst. . . want to know the Easter Bunnies secret?
he got them at the Dollar Store!?!
of all places.
the Easter Bunny was stoked beyond words! ( i know because we talk on a daily basis)
the chocolate is probably disgusting. . . but #1) kids don't care. . . #2) the kitschy/retro meter is OFF the charts! look at them cute faces. . . worth the "gross" factor 100 PERCENT!

any hoot. . . here is some Easter LOVE i found online. . . polaroid form!
so many wonderful images. . . hard to choose!




Hoppy Easter everyone!


julie said...

Those bunnies are over the top of the kitsch ! I love it ! Joyeuses Pâques to the Karli Family !

Anonymous said...

OH! i adore those bunnies! perfectly retro and just slightly creepy yet so colorful, hope you have a great little holiday :)

Anonymous said...

love the cute packaging! :) i bought a few chocolate bunny pops at the store and i don't plan on eating them... yet. Happy Easter, Karli!

Tasha said...

Happy Easter! =)