Monday, April 12, 2010

what the Retro Plant's have been up too. . .

{"New Moon" movie night. . .}
i decided to host a New Moon DVD release party at my house a few weeks ago. . .
i know!
i am a nerd.

but, in all reality. . . this girl's night was a BLAST and *so* worth your deserving jesting! ;)

i was pleasantly surprised to find that the girls that came were NOT only willing to listen to me talk during the movie (and make fun of it!) . . . but they were doing the same!

it was great to be able to laugh and just plain *enjoy* the cheese-ball fest that is this movie! ;)
seriously. . . it was cheesy, no?
but all in good, Twilight fun!

we had such a wonderful time and was a well needed "girls night" for this full-time momma.
we ate WAY too much candy. . . laughed SO very hard. . . and at one point Rachel, Stephanie and me were *literally* rolling on the floor laughing! thanks Tasha! ;)
we were having such a great time that we didn't even notice that we were "enjoying" ourselves until 4:30 in the morning! wow. needless to say i was beat the next day.

thanks Pace for watching the girls. . . what a winner of a hubby!
check out the New Moon goodies:

labeled bottles of Root Beer. . . what's your type? tee hee!

want to hear a joke?
Pace made this up. . . so, you know it's corny. . . but, here goes:

Q: Why did Edward leave Bella?
A: She wasn't his blood type!
ha ha ha

popcorn station

all the treats. . .
complete with red vines and New Moon paraphernalia :)

{Easter weekend. . .}
we had such a lovely Easter Sunday and enjoyed a day spent together as a family.
the girls were SO excited to see that the Easter Bunny had come during the night and left WAY too much chocolate, eggs and goodies! ;)
the girls and their Easter baskets:

she *loved* her Spongebob Squarepants socks best!
Kennedy loves her some Spongebob. . . one of her first words ;)

she *loved* her Kinder eggs best!
ever had one?
Kinder eggs are a wonderful German tradition that was introduced to my family by my brother after he went on his mission there. . . they are *delicious* hallow white/milk chocolate eggs that contain all kinds of fun/funky prizes inside.
mmmmm. . . so good!
(hint: they sell them in Canada! i was so excited to see them. . . and buy them!)

{Bunco. . .}
it was my turn to host Bunco this month and we had a wonderful time!
lots of eating. . . rolling dice. . . and laughing ;)
everybody wins a prize. . . so that is good! otherwise i would NEVER get anything! ha!
the prizes:

i made up little vintage gift bowls. . . mostly Pyrex and FireKing. . .
a great way to share my love of vintage dishware! ;)

{first time Flea Market-ing. . .}
found *the* coolest flea market here!
can you believe that it was my first time going last week?
never been to a flea market?
can you say *dream* fulfilled!?!
it was way fun (and quite nice due to some *very* unexpected warm weather here).

next time. . . bring TWO strollers and LOTS of snacks! ;)
the girls got a bit impatient. . . wonder why?
who wouldn't want to walk around a zillion vendors selling their junk-y wares? ;)
they actually really do enjoy it. . . MOST of the time. . . it's just that we went WAY too close to lunch time!
don't mess with us Plant girls when we haven't eaten. . . (especially Kennedy!)
empty belly = no good ;)

i got lots of goodies including a Vintage Japan Pose Doll!
a walked by a vendor and he said to grab a box and fill it up for ONE DOLLAR.
my heart almost stopped.
i just started grabbing. . . frantically. . . and this is what i found i got when i unpacked at home. . .
a stack full of vintage children's books. . . vintage linens. . . glassware. . . and this Pose Doll!
holy thrift!
i was ecstatic. . . isn't she sweet?

i love her chaotic hair! reminds me of Tim Burton! ;)

lots went on these past few weeks and now we are hoping to settle down a bit and get some projects done around the house. . . especially yardwork!
we already need to mow our lawn. . . yikes! it's loooooong!
the girls have been sick so much of that kind of stuff has been put on hold until this upcoming weekend.
let's hope we are all well by then!


JanaMDesigns said...

ooooooooooooh the dvd party looks like alot of FUN!! i love twilight and i think that idea is awesome... sweeeeeet photos from the girls!
wish you a great sweet day

Stina G said...

So good to be reminded that life is not only about colds and other diseases! Hahaha! I have to plan some fun things to do when I get better.


julie said...

I'm not a Twilight fan but you girls seemed to have such a ball I wish I Could have joined !
And the easter weekend too ! So much happiness on those cute faces !
love your pics

Terese said...

So fun! I would have loved going to your party! Those are such cute Easter shots of the girls with their baskets. I especially love seeing all the cute stuff in your house in the back ground. You are definitely training those girls to love kistch! Hope everyone feels well soon. Charlie's getting over a cold that has been making me miserable!

Anonymous said...

i love your popcorn/home theater set up! great idea for a fun night in, with the best seats in the house :D

Stephanie Evans said...

OK Missy... you are the party queen diva!! I loved LOVED loved Twilight night and Bunco. Amazing food, silliness, and fantastic prizes. I was so excited that I won your mixed CD. It rocks. No wait, you rock. Thanks!!!

Anthony and Kristie said...

I shouldn't have read this, now I am even more sad I didn't make it to your Twilight movie night. You throw a killer party, I can't believe the detail. You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

you've been one busy bee.

1. i'm such a fraidy cat and will probably never see any dracula-themed show (currently all the rage on tv). but, that rootbeer rocks. also, i crack up at the corny jokes and enjoyed Pace's pun. :D

2. your kids are adorable. i want to spoil them with sweets. i want to squeeze Kendy's cheeks!!

3. a whole box for a dollar?!! lucky girl! that doll's hair does look like Mr. Burton. hehehe

Rachel said...

I am still laughing about that of the best!

Jacob and Katie said...

Thanks for the comment! I wish it would go by faster though :-)

I regret missing the New Moon DVD premier! Holy cow you went all out! It looked awesome!

Kawine said...

ok. gosh, why don't i live near you????? i've got to admit : i am a twilight fan, yep i am a nerd too. your photo's are great! love it! and your girls are always too cute!!! ♥

Anonymous said...

been meaning to get over here all week! BUSY BUSY! i totally fell in love with this post. You are the hostess with the mostess. Seriously... WOW! and what i wouldn't have given to have come to your Twilight night. :-) Sounds SO FUN! and i love your little pyrex gift bowls... and bunco??? my mom used to play that when i was little! i remember swiping M&Ms in the bowls on the tables.. lol! You have such rad taste. I just wished we lived closer. :( we need to find a better way of communicating than thru email!